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40 Things No Woman Over 40 Should Own

Souvenir Shot Glasses

If your souvenir shot glasses are linked to a trip that makes you fondly look back in time, then keep it. If they don’t bring back a fun memory, then give them to someone else. They’re probably collecting dust on a shelf anyway.

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Bras That Don’t Fit

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Bras that don’t fit hurt. The wire may poke into your skin, and it’s usually the only thing on your mind when you make the mistake of grabbing it in the morning. By 40, you should have at least three bras that fit you comfortably.  

Half-Dead Plants

If you’re not a green thumb, embrace it. Even the best of us can’t keep a plant alive if our lives depended on it. That doesn’t mean that you should keep a half-dead (or fully-dead) plant sitting in your living room.

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Wire Hangers

Many people don’t know that wire hangers can damage your clothing. It pulls in the shoulder areas in an unnatural way which stretches out the fabric. Plastic is a better option, but cloth and wood hangers are the best choice.

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Fuzzy Dice

Dear lord, fuzzy dice need to go away. Even if you hang them ironically, they just look horrible and tacky.

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Tights with Holes or Runs

Tights with runs and holes are pretty trashy. The only time you should wear them is when you’re out and can’t change. Even then, you should seriously consider just taking them off if you can. Bare skin isn’t as bad as worn-out tights.

Painful Shoes

Ditch those high heels if you can’t stand wearing them for more than an hour. As we age, we need more support for our feet so that it doesn’t hurt to walk by the time we’re 60 and 70. High heels and shoes without support can exacerbate issues that may not have popped up until you were well into your 80s.

Plastic Stemware

You invite your friends over for a little girl time. You have the wine, the perfect movie, and you pull out your…plastic stemware? Even if you’re a little on the clumsy side, it’s better to buy real stemware. Not to mention, you feel a lot fancier with an actual glass wineglass in your hand.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Unless you can alter it or wear it again, get rid of it. Most of the bridesmaid dresses we’ve accumulated can’t be worn again because they’re frankly hideous. We’ve all been there, and if you have a lot of friends, you probably have more than one.


Scrunchies went out of style in the 1990s, and that’s where they should stay. They don’t keep your hair up, and they make you look like you’re trying to get in touch with your childhood.

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College-esque Decorations

College was a special time where you could decorate your place with anything you accumulated, but there’s no reason to keep your home looking like a college dorm. Frame posters and photos or just take them down.

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Plastic Furniture

No more plastic furniture, especially if it’s the type that needs an air pump. Aside from air mattresses (although we suggest a guest room for your friends and family), you shouldn’t own any plastic furniture. It’s cheap, but it breaks pretty quick and looks tacky.

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Tube Tops

In all honesty, no one looks great in tube tops – not even most girls in the 20s. Someone that’s in their 40s shouldn’t ever wear a tube top.

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Uggs are basically slippers, and most people don’t wear house slippers outside. They also don’t really provide much support for your feet. By the time you’re 60, you’re going to wish that you had arch support in your 40s.

Kitschy Phone Cases

Phone cases come in a wide variety of styles, including tacky and kitschy. There’s no reason a grown woman needs to have bows, glitter, and ice cream cones on her phone case. Instead, get one that’s actually useful, like one that holds cards or other items.

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Low Rise Jeans

We’re not telling you that you should wear high-waisted jeans, but you should probably toss out any low-rise jeans that are left in your closet. They’re pretty tacky in an “I-went-to-Mardi-Gras-and-got-tons-of-beads” kind of way.

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Expired Makeup

Expired makeup isn’t immature – it’s dangerous. Expired makeup can give you acne and eye infections. You can sanitize some types of makeups, like powder, but it’s still best to toss anything that’s getting up there in age.

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Stuffed Animals

Keep your childhood stuffed animals but don’t display them for the world to see. Stuffed animals are one of those things that you probably shouldn’t have by the time you’re an adult, much less in your 40s.

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Obviously Cheap Jewelry

Obviously cheap jewelry won’t ever look good with an outfit. If it’s turning your skin green, then it isn’t good for you. Spend a little more and get something that won’t hurt you or your skin.

Sorority Shirts

Your college days are well over, so it’s time to put away those sorority shirts. While you’re at it, tuck away anything else that screams sorority. Don’t toss mementos, but just stop wearing it and displaying it. There are better achievements you can show off.

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Massively Distressed Clothing

Slightly distressed clothing is alright, but something that looks like a bear attacked you? No. Not even kids in their 20s look good wearing something that looks like they went hiking in the wrong place.

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Halter Tops

There isn’t really any situation where a halter top is necessary for someone. Outdoor music concerts? Maybe, but even then, a sleeveless blouse looks a lot better than a halter top.

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Red Solo Cups

If you’re having a party, then stock up on red solo cups. Less clean up is A-Okay in our book. However, if you use red solo cups as your usual glassware, then it’s time for an upgrade.

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“Cute” Hair Ties

Get hair ties that match your hair color. If it changes you can’t go wrong with black hair ties. If you want one that doesn’t crimp the hair, they make no-crease ties that keep your hair looking good when you let it back down.

Broken Furniture

Furniture is expensive, but broken furniture can be pretty bad. A broken couch can give you horrible back pain, as can a crappy mattress. Upgrade and get something that’s high quality.

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A Futon

No one likes sleeping on a futon, and an adult shouldn’t own one. If you don’t have a guest room, get an extremely comfortable couch with deep seats. It’s basically a bed when you get down to it, and it’s a lot comfier.

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Cheap or Mismatched Silverware

As hard as it is to upgrade to better silverware, it must be done. You want something to match by the time you’re 40. As for the old stuff, you can give it away to Goodwill or another organization.

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Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are for kids that are going to college. When you’re an adult, you can afford to get really nice lighting that’s actually useful for your home.

Bean Bag Chairs

Who owns bean bag chairs anymore? Hopefully not anyone in their 40s. They can still be found here and there, but that doesn’t mean they’re the ideal furniture for someone’s home.

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Cartoon Figures

Unless it’s for a child, ditch the cartoon figures. If you love Hello Kitty, and you can’t imagine a life without her, then so be it. Otherwise, find original pieces that add character to your home.

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Childhood Doll Collections

First of all, dolls are extremely creepy. Second of all, dolls are EXTREMELY creepy. Dolls scare pretty much anyone that enters your home, and those that aren’t scared get a weird vibe.

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Novelty Pillows

You can show your personality without having a pillow that says, “I love tacos.” Choose patterns, colors, and shapes that you love instead of statements that make zero sense.

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Glitter Makeup

Glitter gets everywhere, and you can’t get it off no matter how hard you try. That being said, we think shimmer is a great idea for anyone that wants to shine bright like a diamond.

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Neon Signs

Do you own a store? Then neon signs are perfect. If you aren’t displaying an open sign, then neon signs don’t really belong in a home.

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Butterfly Chairs

Butterfly chairs can be comfortable, but you have to move heaven and earth to get out of them. At 40, you’ll probably appreciate furniture that actually supports your body better than a butterfly chair.

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Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers

Even if you collect them, it’s time to upgrade to actual salt and pepper shakers. Rather than the shake and go version, purchase grinders. Nothing is better than fresh salt and pepper. You won’t regret it.

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Peasant Skirts and Tops

Peasant skirts will never come back into style, and they rarely look good paired with modern pieces of clothing. It’s time to upgrade to pieces that flatter your body.

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Mardi Gras Beads

Mardi Gras beads say one thing, and that’s not really flattering for a woman in her 40s. They also look pretty tacky. There aren’t many times where plastic beads look great worn or around your home.

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A Blacklight

Blacklights have pretty much gone out of style unless you’re in a certain culture. By 40, you don’t really need a blacklight in your home. If you want different types of light, install a dimmer or purchase bulbs that create a warm or cool environment – whichever you prefer.

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Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are bad for two reasons. The first is that they don’t provide any support for your feet. Before long, you’ll notice pain in your arches, and you’ll regret your footwear choices. Second, they just look bad. Gladiator sandals looked good on gladiators. No one else.

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