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44 Home Decor Mistakes That Make You Look Immature

"Live, Laugh, Love" Signs

If there is one phrase that has been so painfully overdone in home decor, it’s “Live, Laugh, Love.” Unless you want to look basic, avoid these words completely.

If you're set on having letters on your wall, stick to initials. You can also have important phrases that give you strength engraved on wood and signs. Many Etsy shops offer customized signs for whatever you want to say.

Anything Chevron

Chevron was so overdone a couple years ago that it’s probably going to be a century before this pattern is acceptable again.

Instead of the over-done, tacky chevron, opt for more classic patterns. This year, stripes and polka dots are becoming especially big. Personally, we think they've always looked great.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is great in theory, but it's not as good in reality. It often gets messy, and homeowners end up with a wall covered in chalk dust. Plus, if you have allergies, it'll just make symptoms so much worse.  

Instead of a Pinterest disaster, adorn your wall with statement wallpaper for an elegant attention-grabber.


Posters of bands or those with ironic sayings make you look like an angsty high school student. If you insist on posters, consider framing them for an upgraded look. 

Image via: Pinterest

Many home-design experts think you should swap out this immature wall decor. Instead, you can use minimalistic mirrors or chic succulent planters.

Neon Colors

There’s a way to incorporate bright colors into your color scheme without it looking childish, but you probably aren’t ever going to accomplish that with neons.

They inherently look immature, so if you want bright colors, opt for a candy apple red or royal blue. They're timeless. Plus, they're vibrant without being hard on the eyes, unlike some neon shades you'll find. 

Plastic Drawers

If you’re over the age of 20, it’s time to donate or sell those plastic drawers! No matter how much you adorn them with patterned paper and glitter, that plastic is never going to look as good as the real thing: wood.

Image via: Amazon

Naturally, the best alternative here is to go with actual drawers. Plastic still works if you're storing items in your garage, but your house should be plastic-drawer free!

IKEA Furniture

IKEA furniture is great for your first apartment. It's cheap and not terrible-looking, but it has a very short lifespan due to it being low quality.

Image via: Instagram

Now that you're older and can afford more, invest in real wood pieces that are going to last and look as good in 15 years as they do right now.

Too Many Colors

A little bit of color here and there can brighten up your home, but add in a patterned couch, different-patterned throw pillows, wallpaper, and brightly colored paintings, and your guests will likely be mentally noting how busy it feels.

(Image via Pinterest)

To keep your guests (and yourself) from getting anxiety, pick one or two colors and stick to a theme. Choose a navy couch with blush-pink throw pillows. Or pair gray walls with red pops of color here and there. A little bit of color goes a long way!

(Image via Pinterest)

Plastic Dishware

Toss out your old plastic dishware and upgrade to actual plates, bowls, and cups. You don’t have to purchase expensive china. Honestly, we would suggest that you stay away from expensive china.

Instead, you can get ceramics! Even simple ceramic looks so much better than the colorful plasticware of yesteryear. We know you might drop and break a plate, but that’s okay!

Kitschy Picture Frames

We know you love your best friend, but these types of frames should be locked away with all the other stuff from Freshman year of college.

(Image via Pinterest)

It's time to get a proper frame to make the picture stand out without looking immature. Heck, you can even have a gallery of you and your friends to view every time you enter or leave your home.

Fabric Chandeliers

If you can’t afford a crystal chandelier, don’t even bother trying to make your own out of fabric or some other material.

Image via: Amazon

Ditch the chandelier idea altogether and focus on making your walls look stunning with some beautiful antique frames or graphic prints.

Oversized Floor Pillows

Oversized floor pillows are for video game-loving teenagers and that’s about it. After a couple months of use, they become squashed and look frumpy.

If you want more seating, buy a couple of structured ottomans. They'll add extra seating without taking away from the beauty of the room.

Photos Without Frames

You can get away with hanging a string of photos on your wall when you’re living in your college dorm room. After that, it’s no longer chic.

Either print your photographs on canvas or frame them to make your home look a little more mature.

Jewelry Hung on the Wall

If you only have five pieces of minimalist jewelry, this idea can work. If you have any more than that, it’s going to look tacky. 

Image via: Amazon

Instead of hanging your jewelry on the wall, invest in an armoire that matches your bedroom furniture. Your jewelry will look much more dignified and mature.

Ruffle Curtains

Curtains set the tone for the entire room, so it’s essential to choose a pair that are refined and stylish. Ruffle curtains are the complete opposite of that!

Image via: Amazon

A better option is to choose a solid color or subtly-patterned curtains that aren’t too bold. You may be surprised how a nice pair of solid curtains can pull a room together. 


There’s no reason to have a futon. They're some of the most painful pieces of furniture you'll ever own. No one wants a bar in their back when they sleepover because it causes pain the rest of the day.   

(Image via Instagram)

Actual sofas are much more comfortable and better on the back. Even if you have guests over, some sofas are more comfortable than cheap futons. 

Decorated Light Switch Plates

There are so many DIY ideas to jazz up your light switch plates on Pinterest, but we would advise against it. These ideas typically look like an elementary school student’s craft project.

Image via: Amazon

Instead, simply buy the slightly more expensive, prettier ones to add some glam. They look much more put-together and less like a child's room.

Sterilite Drawers

Yes, these things are called Sterilite drawers. They’re the epitome of temporary storage, and they’re some of the cheapest pieces of furniture you can get. Adults don’t own them.

(Image via Facebook)

Instead of these cheap Sterilite drawers, just purchase actual storage. There are ways to handle cubby storage without resorting to the cheap, plastic version. Try wicker!

Cheap Bedding

Stop sleeping on the crappy sheets that are pretty much plastic. The worst part is that they end up with holes in them after short use. This is especially true if you have pets.

Not only will higher-end sheets look better, but they’ll also feel better. Who knows, you may end up getting a better night’s sleep by upgrading to a proper bedding set. 

Particle Board Furniture

Particle board is acceptable for anyone under the age of 25. But once you buy a nice house and start having a family, it's time to buy real furniture made with real wood.

(Image via Unsplash)

Cluttered Refrigerator Door

If you've ever gone to open the fridge door and knocked something off by accident, then you definitely have too much stuff on it. Between magnets, chip clips, wedding invitations, Christmas cards, postcards, and children's drawings, the clutter adds up quickly.

But there's a better space for those sentimental items: a scrapbook. The magnets and chip clips can go into a junk drawer. This will help your space look significantly less cluttered. (And you won't keep knocking stuff to the floor every time you get hungry!)

Fake Plants or Trees

Adults have plants. You don’t have to get a plant that’s difficult to keep alive. Some require little water and light to survive, like succulents.

(Image via Instagram)

Another option can be Devil's Ivy. The plant is nearly impossible to kill because it can go two weeks without water. In all honesty, you know you’re an adult when you can successfully keep a plant alive, am I right?

Zebra Print Everything

Zebra print furniture and decor is the standard in a college dorm, but once you graduate it's no longer acceptable. A little leopard print here and there is fun, but zebra print should be left in the past.

(Image via Facebook)

Animal-Themed Decor

If you really love your pet, trust me—the world already knows. You don't have to announce your love all over your house.

(Image via Pinterest)

Trophy Displays

If you've ever seen that scene in Meet the Fockers, where Greg's parents proudly display all of his embarrassing participation trophies, you know how lame trophy displays are. And you should know that your kid definitely doesn't want you to hold onto all of that. (If you haven't seen that scene/movie, 1) what is wrong with you; 2) go watch it!)

The exception to this rule is obviously diplomas. But they must be framed. 

“Keep Calm and Carry On” Signs

We’re not saying that you should stress out, but you should get rid of the tired reminder to chill out.

(Image via Instagram)

If you still want an inspirational quote, aim for typographical prints that stand out. They’re beautiful and basically act like art.


Macrame is super trendy right now. You know what else was trendy a few year ago? Chevron. Buy decor that will last—and that you'll actually love—for years to come.

String Lighting

Even we love string lighting, but fairy lights all year ‘round don’t send the proper message. Take them down after Christmas and find other lighting options.

Instead of string lighting, you can get an end table with a stylish lamp. Not only does it provide lighting, but it also gives you another place to store stuff.

Plastic Blinds

Plastic blinds just scream "cheap." If you really just don't want to upgrade to wood blinds (I'm sure you have your own reasons), at least cover them up with some nice curtains!

Magnetic Makeup Boards

Besides the risk of your makeup falling off and shattering on the floor, displaying your makeup on a magnetic board will make your bathroom like that of a tween wannabe beauty blogger.

Image via: Amazon

Opt for investing in a glass organizer or even a chic printed bag to store your beauty products.

Stuffed Animals

Parents with young children, this slide is not for you. We're talking about stuffed animals hanging around long after the children are grown and moved out. Either pack it with them when they move out or donate it.

And if you're a young adult who doesn't have children yet but has stuffed animals hanging around, either box them up for your future children or, again, donate them. Unless you want your friends to think you have to have a paci and Teddy to sleep with each night!

Checkered Bathroom Tile

Checkered tile is way outdated. If your bathroom has checkered tile, it's time for a major update. 

(Image via Pinterest)

Hollywood Lights

The Kardashians have Hollywood Lights in all of their bathrooms. Enough said, am I right?

Bare Floors

No one likes walking around on a bare floor, especially during the winter. Plus, it's a hazard. Carpets are great for a reason--and rugs? even better.

(Image via Instagram)

Unless you have carpet, you should have a rug that helps accentuate the room. Also, aim for a rug that covers a large area. By putting a rug just under your end table or in another small space makes your place look much smaller than it actually is.

Hanging Tapestry

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mandala or something psychedelic – ditch the tapestry. Not only do they look tacky, but they also attract dust like a Swiffer Duster. If you get rid of it, you might have fewer issues with allergies.

(Image via Instagram)

Instead, hang original art. You can make it yourself by going with acrylic pour or just painting on a canvas. If that doesn't seem like your thing, original art is fairly easy to come by.

Mason Jars Everywhere

Mason jars can be fun to decorate with, especially if you’re into Pinterest, but there comes a time to move on. You’ll earn a lot of respect when you give everything a place outside of a mason jar.

(Image via Instagram)

It’s time to get a vase for your flowers. Mason jars belong in the fridge or in the pantry, but everything else has a place.

Beer Bottle Collections

A wine bottle collection is classy, but a beer bottle collection just makes you look like a college frat guy.

If you want to show off your love for liquor, display expensive or exclusive bottles of whiskey, wine, or cognac in your kitchen.

Plastic Fruit

Plastic fruit was huge in the '80s—the reason why is beyond me. But they just don't make sense. Your guests will be disappointed and your children and grandchildren will try to eat them. Plus, you have to dust them every so often, otherwise you'll have dusty-looking grapes on display. No thanks.

 Plus, you have to dust them every so often, otherwise you'll have dusty-looking grapes on display. No thanks.

Memory Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a little unnecessary as you grow older. We get that they're convenient ways to keep track of important dates, but there are better options now that you're over 15.

(Image via Instagram)

If you need to keep track of dates, physical planners are a savior or keep track in your phone. Most of all, adults don’t pin movie stubs and concert tickets to bulletin boards.

Flimsy Full-Length Mirror

As an adult, you should own a full-length mirror. It’ll help you plan outfits but avoid the ones that can barely hold its own weight. Get something that’s sturdy and will last you several years.

(Image via Amazon)

Also, consider leaning it against the wall rather than hanging it on the back of a door. Although, we still suggest you get one that can stand on its own for convenience. 

Dream Catchers

Unless you have dream catchers as a cultural thing, it’s time to ditch them. They stick out when you’re an adult, and the “hippy” vibe most people use them for doesn’t fly when you’re over 18.

(Image via Instagram)

Instead, use geodes to give that “peaceful” and in-touch-with-nature look. Geodes are also a beautiful statement piece that people love to look at.

Wall Decals

We’ll admit that there is a time and place for wall decals. If done right, it can look great, but most of us can’t do it right. Wall decals look best to accentuate furniture that’s already in the room or to create a trendy wallpaper.

(Image via Instagram)

Unfortunately, most wall decals are bird silhouettes or sassy sayings. Before getting the funny, sassy little decal that'll make people snicker, consider something a little more decorative. These won't get old, unlike the little quip. 

Ruffled Bedskirt

A ruffled bedskirt in a kid's bedroom is sweet. But once you start decorating for yourself, it's time to ditch the ruffles. And that applies to everything—bedskirts, regular skirts, sleeves on dresses, etc. No. More. Ruffles!

(Image via Facebook)

Neon Sayings Lights

These look cute on Instagram, but what do you really need them for in your home? Your home will end up just looking like a night club.

(Image via Pinterest)