5 Reasons You Should Send New Year Cards

Sending Christmas cards to friends and family has been a beloved holiday tradition for many years, and we believe it’s an important one! Holiday cards are a great way to reconnect with loved ones and spread some holiday cheer, but have you ever thought about modifying this tradition? Here are five reasons why you should do something a little different this year and send New Year cards instead of Christmas cards.

  1. Cheaper
    The great thing about New Year cards is that you can purchase them after the holiday card rush is over, so you can score your cards at up to 75% off. If you don’t want to go the customized route, simply stop by your local grocery or crafts store to find beautiful holiday cards for a fraction of the cost. If you still want customized cards, check out Tiny Prints or Paperless Post, where you can also find post-Christmas discounts.
  2. More Memorable
    With hundreds of Christmas cards flooding in all at once, your friends and family members may not be able to appreciate your card as much, simply because there are so many cards to read. However, if you wait a few weeks and send your cards after Christmas, chances are they’ll be one of the few cards they receive at that time.
  3. New Designs
    If you’ve never tapped into the New Year card designs, you’re missing out! Christmas cards are great with their red and green colors, reindeer, and the like, but New Year cards are even more beautiful. New Year’s celebrations are full of lights, sparkles, gold, and silver, and those images are reflected in many of the cards. If you’ve been running out of ways to say, “Merry Christmas,” start singing a different tune this holiday season.
  4. Religion Neutral
    If you aren’t a religious person or have many friends and family who aren’t religious or believe in different religions, it can be a pain to find a holiday card that pleases everybody. “Happy Holidays” cards have taken an undeserved bad rap, so if you want to avoid that hassle, opt for New Year cards instead. New Year cards are religion-neutral, so everybody will be happy with a single card design.
  5. More Convenient 
    With all the stress of buying gifts and planning Christmas dinner, why do you want to add “create Christmas cards” to your already-lengthy to-do list? If you normally send cards to many people, writing them when you have a million other things on your plate can exponentially increase your stress levels. But after Christmas? Give yourself a break by not worrying about sending cards before Christmas, and once the big day is over, you can tackle them. You can relax with a cup of hot cocoa and knock them out in an afternoon!