Sprinklers turned on by home automation.

5 Surprising Things You Can Do With Home Automation

Home automation might seem like something from the future, but times are changing, and more homeowners are trying different forms of automation technology for convenience and saving time. In addition to all of the standard home automations like lighting, security, and temperature, there are now new home automation systems for everything from pet care to shopping.

  1. Cook on Command

    Getting home from a long day of work only to have to start dinner can be a pain, but a new wall oven that is Wi-Fi enabled allows you pop in an uncooked dish in the morning, store it there during the day and preheat your oven while you’re driving home from work. You can even adjust or turn off the heat while you’re in the other room with your kids.

  2. Stock up Automatically When You Need to

    Running to the store for a few things a couple times per week not only costs extra money on things you don’t really need, but it can zap time and energy. If you want your house to order what it needs when it needs it, you can use subscribe & save programs on the web at special stores to create schedules for restocking your shelves. Imagine never having to remember to get things like toilet paper, toothpaste or milk again. You’ll get daily or weekly reminders about what you’re running out of, and the items can either be sent to your house via the web or organized into a convenient shopping list for your next shopping trip.

  3. Operate Almost Any Plug-in Device from a Remote Location

    With a few of the newest home automation systems, you can now operate any plug-in device from work, vacation, or the road. Devices like coffee makers, window air conditioners, slow cookers and even your television can be controlled via Wi-Fi from your smart phone. Start the coffee on your way home from work, cool down the house before coming inside from your run, or turn on the television to record a show you can’t miss.

  4. Take Care of Pets

    Being at work or school with pets at home is difficult. If you can’t get home at lunch to let them out and feed them, you know they’re stuck at home all day, hungry and needing to get outdoors. With home automation, taking care of your pets is much easier. There are systems that can dole out a dog bone, a delicious cat treat or even a full meal through your remote command. You can even get an automation system to clean your kitty’s litter immediately after they’ve used the box.

  5. Keep Your Garden and Lawn Watered at all Times

    There’s no need to worry about dying plants or dragging the hose out to your garden every day with an automated lawn watering system. You can even get a watering-bot to water special sections of your garden for preprogrammed periods of time so you don’t waste water.

These automations may not be vital to our existence, but they will soon be the norm. If you want to save energy, money, and precious time, consider some of the automation systems listed here for your home.

Last Updated: September 04, 2014