5 Things You Should be Doing Instead of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, and as its fame grows, so does the amount of time that the average participant spends on it. While your time is your own and you should use it however you like, there’s no doubt that there are probably some more worthwhile matters that are vying for your attention. Here’s a look at five productive things you could be doing instead of fantasy football.

  1. Play actual football.

    If you think that the authentic football experience can be found in rosters, pages of stats, and playing pretend with your buddies, then you’re sorely mistaken. Trade in your spreadsheets and go pick up an actual football! Your heart and lungs will thank you, and you won’t look like you have no life.

  2. Take care of your kids.

    The average age for a fantasy football player is 37, and 68% are married—so there’s a good chance you have a child that you’re neglecting in order to play fantasy football. Instead of wasting your nights and weekends drinking with your buddies and pretending you’re a football expert, why not pay attention to the tiny human being that loves you and literally depends on you for survival?

  3. Be grateful.

    There are people across the globe who worry about disease, destruction, and death on a regular basis. Meanwhile, here you are, spending sleepless nights worrying about how your team is going to perform this week. Get some perspective and volunteer for a worthwhile cause instead of using your time and efforts on a trivial, fleeting pastime.

  4. Become a beer connoisseur.

    For most FF participants, beer plays a big role in the festivities, but how often is your beverage of choice the bottom-shelf swill you pick up at the gas station? Instead of struggling through another can of disappointing alcohol, get adventurous and try some high-quality hooch. Finding an ale that works for your palate may take some research, so be prepared for your quest to cut into your fantasy football time. However, once you enter the world of good beer, you’ll realize it’s time well spent.

  5. Invest in something worthwhile.

    It’s estimated that fantasy football players spend about $500 a year on their hobby. If you’re fortunate, that’s probably not a terribly excessive amount of money, but there’s no doubt it could be going to better use regardless. The NFL sponsors charities and other nonprofit organizations nationwide, and you can bet that any of them would be more than happy to take some of that money off your hands. Instead of blowing your hard-earned cash betting with your buddies, try spending it on a good cause.