Tips for DIY Pest Control

5 Tips for DIY Pest Control

From mice to termites, there are tons of pests attempting to invade your home. Unfortunately, not only can the damage they cause be expensive to repair, just getting them out can cost an arm and a leg. If you're trying to get rid of insects and rodents on your own, it’s important to do it the right way rather than wasting the money you intend to spend on supplies. Here’s a few tips for getting started on controlling those pests all on your own.

1. Start with preventative measures.

Just like any other nuisance, taking a few steps to prevent an insectile home invasion in the first place can make things a lot easier. Make sure to tend any leaks in your plumbing quickly, keep counters and cupboards wiped clear of food and other tempting particles, and put items like cereal or rice into sealed containers. Additionally, you can plant certain herbs to deter some types of pests. When it comes to larger, outdoor animals, keep a lid on the trash can and cut back limbs and brush so they’re clear of your home instead of offering pesties a bridge straight to your roof or gutter.

2. Know what kind of critters you’re going after.  

Obviously a mouse trap won’t work to catch silverfish, but even more than that certain chemicals are designed more specifically for certain types of insects, and certain live traps work better for some animals than others. Figure out exactly what kind of invaders you’re facing and make sure to grab a product intended for that particular pest.

3. Use professional grade products.

Sure, a can of Raid works great for small invasions, but if your home is thoroughly infested, professional grade products made of professional grade chemicals can be much more effective. They aren’t that much more expensive than less effective brands, and you’ll save the difference by not having to repeat your purchase over and over and over.

4. Put in the research to know how to use those products.

Make sure to follow the instructions for those chemicals, from how to combine them into a usable mixture to the appropriate way to apply them. The aforementioned Raid, for example, usually comes ready to use -- just point and shoot. Better brands may need to be mixed together and used with a sprayer to get hard to reach areas. Likewise, even something as simple as a mousetrap can be ineffective if you don’t use it correctly. Don’t count on one to do the job -- set up several in the best areas.

5. Know when you’re in over your head.

Sure, there’s plenty of products on the market, and you have the internet at your disposal to do it absolutely correctly. In some cases, however, a professional exterminator can really make a big difference. Cockroaches in particular can reinvade if you miss even a tiny portion of them the first time. Another great plus for hiring a pro is that many exterminators guarantee their work (to an extent), so that if your pests reconquer immediately, you shouldn’t have to pay anything close to the initial fee.

Last Updated: May 08, 2018