a woman gazes into her immaculately organized kitchen pantry

5 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

It's easy to procrastinate when it comes to organizing your pantry. If you have a clear-cut plan on how you are going to rearrange your food pantry, organizing it should be an easy task for you to accomplish. Before making an attempt to organize it, the first step is to get rid of the products that are expired. Damaged items should be removed too. Cans that are too dented are an example of damaged items that aren't good to consume anymore. You can do this cleaning process by placing all of the items in your pantry on a table. It would be easier to do the sorting out. The act of throwing out what isn't needed will serve as motivation to go all the way through with rearranging your pantry. After you decide on the items you will keep in your pantry, you can move on to the organizing process.


One of the main points of organization is visibility. If you can see what you have, it lessens confusion. It also leads to less of a mess when searching for something. The products you have vary in size. The largest products should be placed behind the smaller items. The smaller food products such as seasonings that are packaged in small bottles can be placed in a closed container. Packets with powdered seasoning can also be kept with seasonings like that. Bottles of herbs fall under this category too.

Soon to Expire Items

Items that are about to expire should be placed where you can see it. The quicker you use up these items, the less crowding there will be. The newer items can be placed behind the older ones.

Items in Demand

Aside from placing items based on size, you can also organize your pantry according to which items are most frequently used. If you live with other people, this will ring true. There are mot likely items you take out more than others. If those items are in the back of the less used products, you will cause a mess every time you go for it. Placing these items near to the front while still considering them by size is a great way to keep your pantry neat and user-friendly. You can place items you don't use often on the top shelf. Some items you might use everyday can be placed in a revolving stand. Cooking sprays, condiments, and oils are products that usually end up on these stands.

Heavy Items

Heavy items should always be on the bottom shelf. If you purchase food goods in bulk, this is a good placement method. Beverage cans, boxes, bulk packaging, and over-sized items should go to the bottom shelf.


Make sure to label things that you place in containers. Dried beans, pasta, flour, and other grains should be packed away and labeled on a reserved shelf. Baking goods and specialty items also fall under this category. Spices, teas, coffee, essence, and similar items should be labeled to avoid confusion. Teas can be organized in a sectioned-off box. Organic/gluten free products deserve a reserved space on a shelf.

Organizing your pantry can be accomplished. Al you need is a plan and the minimalist cleaning before setting out to organize it. You would enjoy the benefit of having a neat pantry with products that are reachable.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016