A plain home bar design in need of a unique twist

5 Unique Home Bar Designs

If you are thinking about installing a bar in your home, or upgrading your existing drab drink dispenser, consider making it a more entertaining and inviting place. A bar can be for more than a place to store your drinks. It can be party central with a little creative thinking and a taste for fun. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination so that your new bar will be a great place to entertain friends and enjoy a quiet drink after a long day at the office.

  1. Take a Trip Back in Time

    A bar with an old Wild West theme is a novel way to entertain friends and neighbors. Natural wood and antique signs will give your hideaway a rustic feel where your friends can wet their whistles and spin tall tales. These types of bars can be very simple, such as a nook in the corner with a smoky glass back, wooden stools, and a natural oak bar with whiskey and a tap to an all out western extravaganza.

  2. Natural Entertainment

    Add natural entertainment to your bar with an extravagant fresh or salt water tank. Fish tanks can be built into the bar, as part of its support structure, or set into the wall to provide a beautiful back drop. They take a little extra care, but they are so beautiful to look at and add to the sense of easiness and contentment. A small water feature, such as a mini fountain can add soothing sounds to the relaxing environment.

  3. Make an Art Bar

    Provide grown up art supplies to give hands something to do. Creative toys such as Zen Balls and paints aren't such a far stretch once you have gone to a public bar and noticed patrons drawing shapes in condensation or folding origami with paper napkins. In fact, the entire bar top could be designed with inset eraser boards and supplied with dry erase markers so your friends can doodle funny messages when they visit.

  4. Piano Bar

    Give new meaning to the phrase “piano bar” by hollowing out a non-working cabinet piano and installing shelves for a fully stocked bar. If cleverly done, the entire bar can be carefully hidden behind the natural openings of the piano.

  5. Tiki Bar

    Create an all out tiki bar in your back yard with palm trees or potted palms and bamboo surfaces. This is a fantastic compliment to a backyard swimming pool, but even if you don't have a pool, it can be designed around a BBQ or an outdoor kitchen area to create a tropical escape at home.

Last Updated: September 11, 2014