a bee lands excitedly on a nearby flower

6 Steps for Attracting Bees to Your Garden

The bee population is decreasing at a rapid and alarming pace, and that is scary for gardens everywhere. You can do your part to help the bee population by making your garden a safe haven for the native bees in your area. Here are six ways you can adapt your garden to attract these little pollinators.

Plant Native Plants

Wildflowers are what bees were used to before people came around and planted their own flowers. Planting a spread of native wildflowers in your backyard will attract a lot of bees because they provide pollen and nectar that bees are used to. Providing a natural food source is the best way to increase the bee population in your yard.

Provide Shelter

Bees need safe places to hide, live, and colonize. You can provide this by providing a sandy area in your back yard for bees to reside in. Don’t mow your lawn as often because bees like to rest and hide in tall grasses. You can also leave leaf waste in your yard to provide cover for burrowing bees. Leaving your yard a little messier makes it a lot easier for bees to feel at home.

Skip The Pesticides

Bees are dying out due to habitat loss and pesticide use. Many pesticides will kill bees, so check the label before you buy. Better yet, go organic and use home remedies to ward off pests from your garden and home. Bees need a chemical-free habitat to thrive, so keep your yard free of harmful pesticides.

Keep It Sunny

The sunshine is what makes flowers and bees happy. Cut back any limbs that may keep your yard stuck in the shade, or at least provide an area of yard where it stays sunny for the majority of the day. Bees will forage for flowers in the sunnier areas, so the larger sunny area you can provide, the better.

Give Them A Drink

Bees need fresh water to drink as well as flowers to pollinate, so make sure you provide a source of clean water. You can do this by making a bee water reservoir out of stones, a shallow dish, and water. You can also provide water by planting leafy plants that collect large amounts of morning dew. As long as the water is shallow, bees can usually get a drink.

Leave The Weeds Be

The weeds in your yard are actually very beneficial to bees. Dandelions, thistle, and clover flowers are a main source of nectar for bees. Allowing weeds to thrive in your yard may be good for your local bees. These flowers are very high in pollen and need to be left alone if you want to help the bees.

Last Updated: April 20, 2015