A messy garage in need of being organized

7 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Garage Organized

One of the most common areas for clutter in the home is the garage, which is known to be littered with cardboard boxes and old sporting equipment. Although the garage is built to store vehicles and various types of equipment, it's commonly used as a storage unit that can be difficult to navigate. To free up the space and keep the area organized, there are a few tips to follow for a tidy and clean area.

  1. Use Cabinets for Toxic Chemicals

    Keep paint and cleaning products in locked cabinets in the garage, which will keep them out of reach from children and in a climate-controlled environment. You'll be able to preserve the products while sectioning off an area that is specifically for the chemicals.

  2. Use Overhead Racks

    Free up the space on the floor by using overhead racks, which can be used to store everything from holiday decorations to children's toys. Use racks that have pulleys for an easy way of lowering the items when they're needed.

  3. Mount Sporting Equipment

    Keep bikes and kayaks out of the way by mounting sporting equipment to the walls and the ceiling. This will create more space on the floors for items that may only be used seasonally.

  4. Hang Yard Tools on Hooks

    It's important to keep as many items off of the floor as possible to reduce the amount of clutter in the garage. Heavy duty hooks can be installed on the wall to hang brooms, rakes, and mops in a style that is aesthetically pleasing instead of shoving them in a cabinet. Use a garbage can to hold various yard tools that cannot be hung.

  5. Use a Donation Box

    Keep the garage free of junk by keeping a donation box in the space at all times. This will make it easy to throw out an old tennis racket that is no longer in use or clothing that would otherwise be taking up space in the garage. Donate the belongings once a month to keep the garage clutter-free.

  6. Label Plastic Containers

    Convert cardboard boxes to plastic boxes, which will protect your belongings in an airtight container that is durable. This will prevent bugs, water, or pests from having contact with the items. Use a label maker to properly mark each box to keep items organized.

  7. Line the Walls with Pegboards

    From screwdrivers to hammers, there are a number of tools that can become cluttered and difficult to find when thrown in an old tool box or drawer. Opt for hanging the different tools on a pegboard that is installed on the wall to keep them organized and easy to find. They should be hung above a tool or workbench for easy access. They'll be within reach, which will make it easier to work on the car in the garage or complete various woodwork projects.