Woman smiling as she camps during the fall season

7 Reasons You Should Go Camping in the Fall

It’s easy to associate camping with the summer months; however, many campers know there are several reasons to go camping in the fall.

  1. Fewer Crowds

    Fall camping allows you to escape the crowds that come along with camping in the summer. If you enjoy camping in state parks, taking a trip in the fall will likely allow you to see all the same sights without being bothered by tons of people.

  2. Nicer Nights

    Camping in the summer can leave campers begging for air conditioning. Trying to fall asleep when you’re sweating is never pleasant. In the fall, however, the nights are much cooler and make falling asleep much easier. Just remember to bundle up!

  3. Bye Bye, Bugs

    Too many bugs can ruin any camping trip, which is another reason why fall camping is so enjoyable - it's nearly bug free! Less annoyance from these little pests will make you a happy camper.

  4. Adios, Allergies

    Most pollen-producing plants are inactive in the colder months, meaning fewer allergies for those that suffer from them. If outdoor activities aggravate your allergies in the summer, fall camping is for you.

  5. More Wildlife

    Wildlife activity tends to increase in the early fall, so you’ll be more likely to see some animals when camping. This is especially true with the reduced crowds. Depending on the particular park and your interests, this could make for either great hunting or great sight-seeing.

  6. Gorgeous Scenery

    Camping allows you to enjoy the scenery and what better time to do that than when the leaves change colors? The sights you’d normally enjoy in the summer explode into color in the fall and can make for gorgeous scenic hikes.

  7. Lower Rates

    Wait until the leaves lose their green to go camping and you’ll be able to hold onto some of yours. State parks expect less business in the fall. Because of this, you’ll often find much lower rates and easier-to-make reservations.

Last Updated: September 18, 2015