A decorated artificial christmas tree

Artificial Christmas Trees: Choosing and Decorating

Artificial Christmas trees are a great option when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a real (sometimes spider-filled) tree or if someone in your family has allergies. They can also be money-savers because, unlike real trees, you can use them for quite a few years. Choosing the best artificial Christmas tree can be difficult because there are so many options out there. There are realistic ones, white ones, pre-lighted ones, and more. Plus, trimming these trees is just as fun as decorating a real tree with the bonus that you can leave it up longer.

Keep Your Space In Mind

When looking at artificial trees, first consider the area that your tree is going to go in. If you have a modern living room, it might be fun to pick a non-traditional white tree.  If your living room is more homely-looking, a realistic tree would probably be a better fit. Pre-lighted trees can save you the nuisance of untangling and hanging up the lights, but if those lights quit working, it’s usually not worth the time and money to fix them.

Lighting is Important

If you choose an unlighted tree, you also have the luxury of picking out your own LED Christmas lights. Blinking lights can be fun, especially if you have children. White lights will make your tree look more orderly and professional, while multi-colored lights can make it look whimsical. For greater visual interest on your tree, purchase your lights of choice in two different sizes and spread them evenly around the tree.

Reuse Christmas Cards

If you are running out of room on your fridge for all of your incoming Christmas cards, why not start adorning your tree with them? Turn your cards into ornaments by simply punching a hole in the top left corner of each card and hanging them with a piece of ribbon. If you still have Christmas cards left over from last year, cut them into smaller pieces, string them on a piece of colorful ribbon, and you will have a unique garland.

Decorate with Your Kids’ Crafts

The Christmas tree is the perfect venue to display your kid’s craft ideas for Christmas. If your child is in love with the newest Disney movie, Frozen, you can help them make an adorable Olaf ornament. Gather a clear, spherical ornament, powdered sugar, glitter, two small pebbles, two small twigs, orange clay or Play-Doh, and a package of small alphabet stickers. Assist them in molding the clay into a tiny carrot shape, then fill the ornament with all of your materials. Finally, spell out “Some People Are Worth Melting For” on one side of it with the stick-on letters.