A newly installed bathroom sink.

Bathroom Sinks: A Guide

The bathroom sink is an important part of any bathroom. There are several choices to consider when choosing the right bathroom sink. You need to take into consideration the design of your home and also the practical use of your sink.

Getting Ready

Before you purchase, you need to be sure the sink you want is compatible with the faucet you currently have or will have, if you'll be buying both. You also need to consider other things, such as how the sink will be installed. Finally, it helps to know what kinds of features and innovations are available so that you don't limit your options.

Types of Sink Installations

Wall-mounted sinks are affixed to the wall and work well in small bathrooms, allowing for usable space below the sink. Even if there's only room for a wastebasket, the space that it offers gives the bathroom a larger feel. Some wall-mounted bath sinks feature a decorative cover that hides the pipes. This isn’t necessary but adds a great visual touch to the room.

Pedestal bathroom sinks are similar to the wall-mounted variety in that the sink basin is attached to the wall but rests on a pedestal that supports it from underneath. This is another type of bathroom sink that works well in small spaces since there's no need for a vanity. On the other hand, both pedestal and wall-mounted bath sinks don't provide the storage space that you have with bathroom vanities.

Self rimming, top mount, and drop-in sinks are different names for the same type of sink. These sinks are placed in a cutout in the vanity top, secured in place by the rim of the sink. A variation of this is the tile-in sink which is a self-rimming sink that's used with a tiled countertop. The tiles usually fit over the sink's rim making a flush surface between the sink and tile.

The vessel sink is simply a free-standing bowl that sits on top of the vanity, though some can be mounted partially recessed into the countertop. It is essentially what its name implies -- a bowl. Though it may sound mundane, there are literally hundreds of varieties of vessel sinks, offering you unlimited design capacity.


If you have enough room in your bathroom then you should consider a modern vanity. A vanity offers storage and cabinet top space. This is a great addition to any bathroom, but is great for people that share the bathroom with family members. You also want to consider double sinks if your bathroom will be a shared space. Double sinks can save you from becoming frustrated in the morning before work, and if you have kids then you’ll hear much less bickering.

Last Updated: December 15, 2014