Woman acting as her own personal trainer

Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are helpful when it comes to choosing and sticking with a weight management plan for your life, but it can become very expensive. If you cannot afford/do not want to spend the money on a professional personal trainer, you can become your own trainer. With a little research, planning, equipment, and a strong drive to succeed, you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution and create a healthy workout routine all on your own.

Set Some Goals

First, you need to figure out what kind of plan is right for you. A weight loss plan? A weight management program? For each, you will need different diet and exercise plans. Sample meal plans and exercise routines are available on quite a few reputable websites, including Women’s Health and Men’s Health. Take some time to outline a set of reasonable goals, then figure out what you need to do to achieve them. If you have trouble keeping track of your calorie intake and workout routines, download an app onto your phone that sends you reminders and logs your daily activities, such as MyFitnessPal.

Make a Plan

Once you decide on your goals, you need to map out your plan for success. Diets and routines for weight loss may seem time-consuming and expensive, but there are quite a few ways to keep the costs down. Invest in an inexpensive home gym, and if you cannot afford a treadmill or exercise bike, look towards more budget-friendly options, such as PiYo, where the only equipment you will need is a yoga mat and the DVD set. If you have more money to spare, buy a gym membership or complete your own home gym with a couple machines.

Don’t Forget to Eat Nutritiously

Remember that having the right equipment for exercise routines for weight loss is only one part of the equation; you also need to nourish your body with lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Having a small budget is no excuse to eat unhealthily; there is an abundance of healthy recipes available online that are just as cheap as fast food.

Stay Committed

Finally, if starting a new exercise routine is part of your New Year’s resolution, you must resist the urge to quit a few months in. Personal trainers are known for their motivational skills, but if you are your own trainer, you will need to motivate yourself. Give yourself rewards, like a new outfit, and allow yourself to have cheat days where you eat chicken fried steak for dinner instead of a quinoa salad. Looking forward to the treats and cheat meals will motivate you to keep going with your plan and stay with it long term.

Last Updated: July 11, 2016