Patio furniture that has been protected by outdoor furniture covers.

Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you’re even slightly hip, you know that kids these days just won’t stop talking about outdoor furniture covers. It’s all the rage. So, if you’d like to get with the times or impress any younger relatives you might have, go ahead and invest in some furniture covers. If you don’t care about what kids are doing these days, know that there are several other benefits to an purchase like this.

Provide Protection for Wooden Furniture

Anything you leave outdoors will be susceptible to damage from weathering. Wood furniture is particularly vulnerable when left outside. Rays from the sun can cause wooden furniture to fade, requiring homeowners to spend time refinishing or making repairs. Water damage poses the largest threat to wooden furniture, especially furniture with no cover or weather-resistant coating. As more and more water soaks into the fibers of the wood, the furniture will begin to rot. Water damage is most commonly the result of rain or snow, but extended exposure to high levels of humidity can also cause this damage.

Protect Furniture from the Sun

Even if your outdoor furniture isn’t wood, furniture covers are still a good idea. Plastic furniture can fade and crack if left exposed to the elements. Furniture made primarily from fabric, like porch chairs, can also fade when left in the sun.

Keep Water Off of Furniture

Rain is an annoyance to anyone without outdoor furniture covers or those who dislike having a soggy bottom. Fabric and plastic chairs can collect and hold water on their surfaces, making them a less than appealing seat until they are emptied or dried. Wood furniture can be even more annoying after a rain storm by remaining damp for days afterward.

Save Money in the Long Run

Depending on the size and shape of your furniture, you can most likely find a cover for $20-50. In the long run, this cost will pay off. Having to replace cheap plastic or fabric items is an expense you can easily avoid with outdoor furniture covers. With these covers you can also avoid having to refinish your wooden furniture. If you want to your furniture to keep looking as new as possible, outdoor furniture covers are your best bet.

So there they are: the other reasons you should buy outdoor furniture covers. Let’s not forget what’s most important, though: they are all the rage. Honestly, the protection and preservation of your furniture is secondary to how cool the outdoor furniture covers will make you look, but still important to some people. So get shopping.

Last Updated: July 30, 2015