Little girl poses next to a scarecrow in her yard

Boo-tiful Halloween Yard Theme Ideas

What better way to feel festive for fall than to decorate your front yard for Halloween? Here are some fun and festive ideas for your front yard that you can do yourself to spice up your holiday spirit.

A Ghoulish Graveyard

You can create your very own graveyard in your front yard using Styrofoam sheets and markers or paint. Kids will love to color the Styrofoam “tombstones”. You can make each epitaph as scary or as funny as you want and the tombstones can be in any shape or size you want. Once you’ve got all your tombstones colored and cut, anchor them sturdily into the ground to create your graveyard. You can even add fake flowers to each tombstone.

A Spider Army

If you have any arachnophobes in your family, this is the perfect front yard decoration. Simply head to the craft store and buy a bunch of black plastic foam balls and oversized pipe cleaners. If you can’t find black foam, buy white and spray paint them black. Create spider legs with the pipe cleaners in each ball. Place them in a herd in your yard, making it look as if you’ve got a spider hoard leaving your house to terrorize the neighborhood. You can secure them to the ground using florist’s wire. You can also get really creative and secure these spiders to your mailbox, siding, or fencing to increase the creep factor of your yard.

A Ghost Parade

For an eerie yet simple effect, create a ghost parade in your front yard. You can do this with large plastic foam balls (about the size of your head) and wrap it inside the middle of a cheesecloth or white sheet. You can either hang this “ghost” from a tree branch, or you can purchase a wreath stand and create freestanding ghosts. You can create all kinds of ghostly scenes in your front yard using these DIY ghost crafts. These are sure to keep trick-or-treaters spooked all night!

A Glowing Eye In The Dark

This craft is inexpensive and very effective. Using old toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls, cut two holes in each roll. By cutting different shaped holes in each roll, you can create as many different types of eyes as you wish, anywhere from menacing to funny. Placing red or green glow sticks into each roll will give the appearance of glowing eyes. Just place them in the trees or in the surrounding areas around your home to give your yard the festive and spooky ambience it needs.

Last Updated: February 05, 2016