A woman operates her home automation system from outside her home.

Choosing a Home Automation System

Just like our phones have become smarter and built to make our lives easier, the same can be said of our houses. If you like the idea of having an efficient home then you may want to consider a home automation system.

What to Look For

The most important thing that you'll want to keep in mind when looking for a home automation system is what's most important to you and your life. With so many options and add-ons, it's easy to get caught up and go crazy with the installations. Rather than get anything and everything that looks cool, opt for things that are truly useful.

Some of the most common options include:

  • Lights that turn on and off on a schedule
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Blinds that open up in the day and close at night
  • Voice operated garage

Before figuring out which services you need, you'll first want to figure out which companies offer the best and most reputable home automation systems. While there aren't very many heavy hitters at the moment, you will at least have several options to choose from.

At the end of the day, home automation systems are all about increasing efficiency, saving money, and saving energy. If any services don't fulfill these three tasks, it's probably best that you leave them out of your home and off of your list. On the other hand, if you plan on selling your home or if you can see yourself selling your home in the future, you may want to add the service if it will remain popular and useful for several years to come.

How Much Should You Pay?

As far as the cost is concerned, the least you'll spend is most likely a couple hundred dollars. If you really want to get elaborate with your system then you can easily spend a thousand dollars, especially if your home automation system comes with a lot of hardware. Before you start buying anything, it's in your best interest to make sure that you get a total for all of the parts that you need.

Another good idea is to sit down in your favorite room, take a long, careful look around and simply ask yourself what you'd like to automate. Again, be practical more than anything else. Don't pay money for an automation that you'll only use every other week.

Last Updated: September 04, 2014