Choosing the Best Cell Phone

Cell phones offer convenience, entertainment, and functionality, all contained in the palm of your hand. Smartphones are proven to be invaluable to people from all walks of life, whether you're a busy mom on the go or an entrepreneur conducting a big-time business deal. The question for many consumers is no longer whether they need cell phones, but rather which cell phones are right for them and which company offers the best deals. There are many considerations when purchasing a cell phone, such as its operating system, overall cost, style, processing speed, and the life of the battery. The top three cell phones on the market with the best offers are the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the new LG G4. Here are some important questions to ask when researching which cell phone is right for you.

Which operating system should I choose?

There are three main operating systems used in smartphones: iOS, Android, and Windows. The iOS offers the most user-friendly option for people who simply want their phones to work. For those on a budget and prefer to customize their smartphone experience, Android is a good fit. The Windows platform isn't as user-friendly or reliable as Android or iOS, although it continues to develop.

Which cell phones work with my mobile carrier?

While this used to be more of an issue in years past, almost any smartphone can work with a specific carrier. It is possible to simply buy the smartphone outright and then hook it up with a carrier for prepaid or contract use. It is also possible to receive a smartphone for free when signing up for a cell phone contract with specific carriers.

How heavy is the cell phone?

This might sound like a funny question, but cell phones can get quite heavy over time. The lighter a cell phone is, the better. The average weight of a smartphone is about five and a half ounces. The iPhone is the lightest option, with the Samsung Galaxy coming in second. The LG G4 is about average in weight.

How large is the screen?

For those with sight issues or simply prefer a larger screen, it's important to consider which phone would work best in this capacity. The Samsung Galaxy models tend to have more generously sized screens compared to the iPhone and LG G4. If your heart is set on an iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus has a bigger screen than the regular iPhone 6, along with a longer battery life.

How long does the cell phone battery last?

Battery life is important for consumers who are often on-the-go. The battery life of Samsung cell phones edges out the competition, which the LG G4 coming in second and the Apple iPhone in last place.

Which cell phone takes the highest quality photos?

Consumers who use smartphones are carrying around state of the art photo technology in their pockets. When it comes to higher quality photos, the Samsung Galaxy S6 beats the competition, allowing consumers to take pictures of larger sizes and quality.

How easy is it to browse the web on this smartphone?

Browsing the web is incredibly easy with any of these cell phone models. Depending on how much battery life consumers start with, they could spend the better part of a work day browsing the web. When it comes to processing speed, however, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the clear winner. There is simply no faster cell phone on the market.

Which phone is the best cell phone for my budget?

The Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 are all flagship phones, which means that they are the top of the line models of specific smartphone companies. Without a contract from a carrier, one of these smartphones could cost upwards of $600. Many retail outlets offer special offers and deals on these flagship phones, and it is important for consumers to do their research before putting down money on the latest cell phone model.

Any special deals for new phone service customers?

Many cell phone companies offer special deals for new service plan subscribers. These special offers may include lower monthly fees for six months, temporarily uncapped data usage or free phone upgrades after a year. Just remember that these deals are temporary, and that customers are still locked into their contracts once these deals have expired.

When comparing cell phone plans, what are the key benefits of each plan I'm considering?

Comparing cell phone plans can be overwhelming with all the available options. A good practice when trying to compare plans is to write down the key benefit of each plan, and then compare benefits on your list. Which plans are superior for uncapped data usage, or offering rollover minutes, or accommodating many lines on the same plan? Which of those benefits is most important to you? Doing this can help you weed out plans that that don't really appeal to you as strongly. This years top 3 cell phone plans are T-Mobile Simple Choice, Sprint Family Share Pack and At&T Next On Mobile Share, with the runner-up being the Verizon Edge More Everything. These plans were rated best by consumer reports to help you find the best deal for your family's needs.

What are the current offers on cell phones?

There are many offers if you know where to look. For example, you can currently get the iPhone 7 for only $29/Mo with AT&T. Or Verizon Wireless is currently offering customers up to $650 off the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 if you switch to Verizon's and get their new unlimited plan. If you are a Motorola fan, Verizon currently offers the Motorola Moto Z for an amazingly low price of only $17/Mo.