kite hill drinkable yogurt greek yogurt and cheese spread

Dairy-Free Goodness: Kite Hill's New Line Up

Thankfully, the dairy-free options have majorly improved in the last few years. That’s due, in part, largely to Kite Hill and the delicious products they’ve created.

From tasty yogurts to scrumptious ravioli, Kite Hill knows how to make dairy-free eating feel decadent. Now they’ve expanded their product line to include Greek-style almond milk yogurt, jalapeño cream cheese-style spread, and probiotic drinkable yogurts. And in case there was any question, they’re all absolutely delicious!

KH Greek Yogurt

Greek-Style Almond Milk Yogurt

This new Greek yogurt line comes in 7 different flavors: blueberry, black cherry, strawberry, mango, plain, vanilla, and peach. It has a creamier, thicker consistency than the traditional Kite Hill yogurt. Each one has 10 or more grams of almond protein and is packed with good-for-you active bacteria cultures. In addition to being dairy-free, these yogurts are also soy-free.

KH Cheese Spread

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Style Spread

If you like a little heat, you’ll love this new flavor of “cream cheese” spread. It has actual pieces of jalapeño in it, a smooth texture that spreads nicely, and is soy-free as well. It goes nicely with simple crackers for an easy snack. Kite Hill also recommends using it to stuff peppers or to mix into dips for a little extra spicy kick.

KH Drinkable Yogurt

Probiotic Almond Milk Drinkable Yogurt

These drinkable yogurts are a smooth and creamy way to get those helpful probiotics that are so great for your digestive system. If you’re not much on drinking regular almond milk, then these are a great option due to their lightly sweet fruit flavor options. You can try the vanilla, mango, summer berry, or plain unsweetened flavors. They will also mix perfectly into your favorite smoothie recipes as well.

Last Updated: October 03, 2017