DIY Bathroom Storage and Organization

Is your bathroom in need of a serious makeover? If you’re tired of living in chaos, it’s time to organize your bathroom storage with a little DIY. Follow these tips to create a simple yet chic storage space for all of your beauty products.

For Your Hair Styling Tools

Like most girls, I have absolutely way too many hair styling tools. Let’s run down the list: a blow dryer, a couple of hair straighteners, and at least three curling irons/wands. For the longest time, I had nowhere to put them, so I would just leave them in random places. Then, thanks to Pinterest, I discovered there was an easier and more efficient way to organize and store my hair tools. I went to Lowe’s and purchased a PVC pipe shaped like a fire hydrant, spray-painted it pink, and placed it on my bathroom counter. It’s the perfect storage space for a blow dryer and a couple of curling irons.

For the rest of your hair styling tools, you can simply store them in a magazine holder, which you most likely already have at home, and keep them below your bathroom sink. A couple of other options: On the inside of the cabinet doors below your sink, you can either put up plastic wall hangers and hang your hair tools by their cords, or hang a jewelry organizer and keep your tools in the plastic pouches. The great thing about these options is that the storage space for your hair tools are hidden to house guests, but easy to access when you need them. And voila! All of your hair styling tools have homes.

For Your Towels

The easiest way to store towels away is to put them in baskets and keep them either under your sink or on a shelf in your bathroom. If you want a more creative place to keep your towels, hang up a wine rack in your bathroom, roll the towels up, and place them where you would normally place wine bottles. It’s a simple yet chic way to store your towels and dress up your bathroom at the same time.

For Your Beauty Accessories

Mason jars and apothecary jars make the ultimate storage containers because you can literally store anything in them. Set them out for your cotton pads, Q-tips, and nail polish, or use them for makeup storage – they’re the perfect storage space for makeup brushes. You can even take the DIY further and spray-paint your jars, add a little sparkle, or label them with free printables. Even plain, however, they still add a classic touch to your bathroom.

Another option: magnetic strips. Simply attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet door and fasten things like bobby pins and tweezers to it.