A family practicing camp fire saefty

Don't Toast Your Tush: Camp Fire Safety Tips

A fall camping trip is not complete without a camp fire. However, it’s important to stay safe while you’re warming up by the fire. You can do a few things before and while your fire is burning to make sure that you stay safe.

Pick Your Spot Wisely

The last thing you want to do is make a fire in an area that has dry or hazardous materials nearby. Clearing out the area around the area you intend to use for your fire can prevent it from spreading uncontrollably. A good way to ensure that your fire doesn’t spread is to dig a hole or pit and make your fire in that. If you’re staying in a state park that allows fires, it will likely have existing pits or fire rings for you to use. Be sure to find out if the area you’re camping in doesn’t prohibit campfires first.

Manage It

While the fire is burning, keep an eye on it. Avoid throwing huge logs onto a fire, especially if it needs to be put out soon. Keeping a moderate and manageable flame while camping is a good way to stay safe.

Put It Out Completely

All it takes is a few embers to keep a fire going. Even if you don’t see flame, the temperature of the coals is still dangerous and could easily ignite some dry tinder. A good way to ensure that your fire is out is to douse it with water before leaving it. An extra gallon jug can ensure that you have what you need to put out the fire when the time comes. Pour the water on the embers until the hissing stops completely and then stir the water around into the ash with a stick or shovel. If you don’t have enough water to use some on the fire, a good amount of dirt thrown onto the ash will extinguish it as well.

Last Updated: September 29, 2014