three friends enjoy an emmy watch party

Emmy Watch Party Essentials: Games, Ballots, and More!

If you’re hosting an Emmy party of your own, we have everything to make the party a success. Print out our ballot to follow along at home or to guess the winners ahead of time. Use our bingo cards to make sure you’re really paying attention, and play our drinking game to lessen any dull or boring moments. Just because celebrities are celebrating their own work doesn’t mean you can't join in on the fun as well.

Printable Emmy Ballot

Use our print-at-home ballot for your Emmy office pool or watch party to fill out your picks for who you think will win. It’s time to brush up on all the TV critic blogs you’ve neglected if you want to be in contention for winning. If you’re in desperate need of a hint, however, look for Breaking Bad to win at least one of the major awards, particularly Best Drama. Anything less would be a complete upset. Don’t forget to throw in a surprise winner or two, though. The Academy always does.

Emmy Bingo

The red carpet coverage before the show can become repetitive after a while: celebrity introduced, questions about the gown, questions about the jewelry, next! And the cycle continues on for around two hours until the show begins. Liven things up a little more with our bingo game that transitions into the actual ceremony as well. We have four pre-filled bingo cards for you to print out to help you keep track of all the expected winners and, hopefully, the entertainingly-awkward moments that make these award shows must-see television.

Emmy Drinking Game

You and your friends don’t need an excuse to drink when you get together, but we’ll give you one anyway. Download our Emmy-themed drinking game to make the show a little more interesting. And if you’re not the biggest TV buff like the rest of your friends, this is a sure-fire way to keep you paying attention to what’s happening onscreen. You might even learn an actor’s name or two in the process. You’ll thank us later for enlightening you on how to have fun at what you thought was otherwise another “boring” awards show party.

For even more festive fun, serve our TV-themed drinks during your watch party!

Last Updated: December 03, 2014