an owner teaches a dog to stay

First Commands You Should Teach Your Puppy

Puppies are so much fun to play with, and their energy is contagious. However, if you don’t train them correctly while they’re young, that energy can get out of control. Here are the first five commands that you need to teach any new puppy to give them the best start in their training to put them on the right path so they grow into well-behaved adult dogs.

  1. "Come"

    This command is the most important command to teach your new puppy. It is important for two reasons. First and foremost, it keeps your puppy safe. It teaches your puppy to distinguish you and your voice as his highest priority, and that allows you to get his attention when you need to at any time. This is important in case your dog is ever in danger. Secondly, learning to come to you when you call him teaches your puppy that you are the leader of his pack. This cuts down on any anxiety he would feel not knowing who his pack leader is. It also ensures that he will mind you as he grows older.

  2. "No Bite" or "Soft Mouth"

    This command is important in order to teach your new pup to use her chompers for good instead of evil. Puppies explore the world using their noses, paws, and mouths. If you’re playing with your little pup and she takes a nip at you, tell her “no bite!” in a firm tone and take your hands away from her completely. It’s important to be able to touch your dog’s mouth for dental issues, so you can also teach her “soft mouth” to keep her from biting down. This is helpful to prevent her from becoming too rough when playing or in order to keep her comfortable with your hands near hear mouth in the future.

  3. "Go Potty"

    This one is really more for you than for your new puppy. Of course, you want to house train your puppy, but “go potty” is helpful to speed things up when you’re outside waiting for him to do his business. Every time your furry pal goes in his designated potty place, say “go potty” so he knows what is expected of him. This is helpful for when you have to go outside in bad weather or if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait around for a poky puppy to sniff around for twenty minutes for the perfect place to go.

  4. "Drop It"

    Another important command is “drop it.” This one is helpful for both you and your dog because it can keep your dog safe from eating harmful things or poking his nose in places it doesn’t belong. It can also deter him from chewing on your favorite shoes (or carpet, or mattress, or cell phone, and so on) and teach him chewing boundaries.

Last Updated: August 07, 2014