Colorful smartphone cases

Five Cool Gadgets You Can Buy For Your Smartphone

Half the fun of buying a smart phone is to deck it out in the latest accessories and covers. Here is a list of five smart phone accessories that are actually worth your time and money that will make using your phone even more fun than before.

  1. Olloclip 4-in1 Lens Kit

    The Olloclip lens kit is a nifty little gadget that attaches to your iPhone’s camera externally. They easily screw and clip onto your phone (as long as your phone doesn’t have a cover on it) and change the way your camera takes pictures. The kit comes with a fish eye lens, wide-angle lens, a 10x macro lens, and a 15x macro lens. The variety of lenses allows you to capture different areas of your subject and will transform your iPhone photos into works of art.

  2. Mophie

    The Mophie is a case for your smart phone that gives it an extra boost of battery when you need it the most. If your phone is starting to die, you can just use your Mophie case to bring it back up to 100% charge. All you have to do is charge your case to keep it ready to go when you need it. If you have a smart phone addiction like most people, this is an accessory you don’t want to be without.

  3. Keyboard Case

    If you are one of those people who hates the touch screen keyboard, this is the gadget for you. If you have trouble typing on a touch screen, you can buy the keyboard case, which slides on like any other iPhone case, but is a bit longer and lengthens your phone in size. It snaps on and adds a physical, tactile keyboard to your iPhone so you can type easily.

  4. GripTight GorillaPod Tripod

    If you’re a photo fiend, then you need to invest in a tripod. The GripTight GorillaPod fits all smart phones with its adjustable grip and stand. Because of its leg joints and rubber grip pads, you can bend or fold it to position your phone at any angle while keeping your phone secure. It can rotate 360 degrees and easily folds down for carry or travel.

  5. BACtrack

    If you’re out at a party and you’ve had a few drinks, you can use the BACtrack to check your blood alcohol level to find out if you are under the legal limit to drive. It’s a breathalyzer that fits in your pocket and connects to your smart phone through a downloadable app. It can hook onto your keychain so you always have it with you, ensuring your safety and sound judgment no matter where you are.