an old oak barrell has been turned into an herb garden

Five Creative Containers For Your Garden

Container gardening is a great way to grow your garden in a small space. If you live in an apartment or if your home doesn’t have much of a yard, container gardening is an easy way to grow herbs or veggies without taking up a lot of space.


A birdbath is the perfect container for growing a gorgeous array of succulents. Since succulents need minimal watering, a birdbath is ideal for these desert plants. A birdbath doesn’t have a way to drain, so planting any other plant might result in root rot, but because succulents only require minimal water, the soil will have plenty of time to dry out between watering. Add moss and rocks, and you’ve got a cute little succulent garden.

Metal Colanders

Colanders are cute, functional, and have built in drainage holes that are large enough to keep your soil well drained, but small enough to keep dirt from falling out. You can attach twine or metal hooks and turn a colander into a hanging basket for your favorite porch or deck plants.


Wheelbarrows are the perfect outside planter. They are large enough to create a garden landscape or to make a contained variety herb garden. They have that rustic, shabby chic look and the best part is that you can transport your garden whenever you need to. If your garden doesn’t get enough sun, you can wheel it to a sunnier spot. You can also do this with an old wagon.

Shoes Or Boots

If your rubber boots or shoes have been worn down to holey soles, then recycle them into a container garden. Almost any plant will do well as long as you provide adequate drainage holes in each shoe. Using old shoes as planters make your space a bit more whimsical and playful, so go for brightly colored flowers or herbs.

Old Tires

Why throw out old tires? It’s bad for the environment, so why not reuse them instead? If you’ve wanted to build raised beds, you can simply use old tires on the ground to keep your garden contained and safe from the elements. Tires provide stability to your plants, extra warmth from the cold, and the rubber walls keep weeds at bay.

Buckets, Cans, And Other “Trash”

If it holds water, it can hold a plant. Why throw out old plastic containers when you could grow something sustainable and lovely? Upcycle old paint cans, use empty tin cans for seedlings, or save egg cartons to start seeds indoors. It’s a great way to keep trash out of landfills and give it a new use.

Last Updated: April 23, 2024