Kitchen utensils sitting on kitchen counter

Five Nifty Kitchen Gadgets

Avoid wasting money on kitchen tools you don’t actually need, and invest in quality, versatile gadgets that make cooking easier, faster, and more fun. Here are five kitchen tools worth your money and limited kitchen space.

  1. Stick blender

    The stick blender is a slim, portable tool that can be held with one hand. This blender is usually battery operated and therefore easy to move around the kitchen while you cook. You can make smoothies and shakes right in the glass instead of dirtying up a standard blender. Or use it to blend soups, sauces and salad dressings. Prices range between $25 - $55 at online retailers and specialty shops.

  2. Citrus Pro

    If you’ve ever tried to peel lemon zest without getting the white membrane, you will welcome this little gadget. In addition to peeling paper-thin strips of lemon zest, it also reams, peels, and creates the fancy curled lemon peels used in garnishes and drinks. The tool is small, lightweight, and takes up little drawer space. The Citrus Pro costs about $20 and can be found online or in specialty kitchen catalogs.

  3. Vacuum food sealers

    For consumers who want to save money and avoid wasting food, a food sealer is an amazing gadget to have in the kitchen. The vacuum removes the air from specially designed plastic bags and a heat sealer closes the bag. Vacuum-sealed food can be frozen for longer periods of time and take up less freezer space. Simple battery-operated versions sell for around $25 online and in specialty kitchen stores.

  4. Mandoline slicer

    This rectangular slicer, made of either plastic or metal, can slice, dice, mince and julienne faster and better than you can by hand. The gadget comes with different blades of varying thicknesses. A mandolin slicer allows you to make crinkle cut fries and slice fruits, vegetables, and hard cheeses with ease. Most styles can also be used for grating. Prices range from $20 to $50 online and are sold through specialty catalogs and department stores.

  5. Spice Mill

    For a fresher product, different texture, and better flavor, you can buy whole spices and grind them yourself with a spice mill. Instead of powdered spices, your homemade spices can have varying textures from fine to coarse. Preparing your spices can introduce a new range of flavors to your favorite recipes. Spice mills cost about $20 and come in manual, electric, and battery-operated variations. They are available online, at department stores, and in kitchen catalogs.

Last Updated: June 25, 2024