A man excitedly opening a gift

Gift Guide: Something for Every Guy in Your Life

Guys are typically the last left on your Christmas list, but this year get them checked off early with some great gift ideas. We’ve gathered a wide range of gift ideas for all the men in your life. 

For Your Significant Other

The latest gaming system might be a great big ticket item for the loved one in your life. The Xbox One ($349.99) and Playstation 4 (449.99) are popular with almost every guy on the planet. If they’ve already purchased their favorite console then consider some new games to go with it. There are tons of headsets, fancy controllers and other accessories that could make great stocking stuffers. If your man isn’t really into gaming consider the latest Kindle Fire HDX ($229.99). It has amazing features like a gorgeous HD display, and an ultra-fast 2.2GHz quad-core processor. 

For Your Brother

Of course your brother or brother-in-law would probably love a gaming system too, but if that’s not in the budget this year then a new wallet or a portable espresso maker might be perfect. If you decide to purchase him a new wallet you can do some sneaking and get him a new one like he already uses or a minimal wooden wallet ($59) might be a great option. The minimal wood wallet can fit easily in the back pocket but still stores 6 cards and has a built in slot for coins. The Minipresso ($35), portable espresso maker, is an awesome gadget that will allow you to caffeinate on the go and it just doesn’t get better than that. 

For Your Father

Even your dad could use a little pampering and a Christmas gift might be the perfect time to provide it. If you think your dad would go for it, get him a gift certificate for a massage, but if that’s pushing your dad too far then try the Working Man’s Hygiene Kit ($50). It includes a huge range of products geared to men like hand repair cream, walnut scrub, and xtreme lip balm. 

For Your Grandpa

It can be fun to buyGrandpa a little something retro and let him reminisce about his younger days. The Dynamo Solar Crank AM/FM radio would be an entertaining gift for the whole family. Grandpa can share stories about the days when radio wasn’t just the top 40 hits and the kids will love sitting in his lap helping him crank it. 

For Your Uncles

If your uncle is a golf pro or just likes to pretend to be one on the weekends, an awesome laser putter ($25) might be the perfect gift for him. This handy gadget will help show him exactly where his ball is headed. If your uncle is too busy to golf, an embossed leather luggage tag ($45) might be a great choice for him. Frequent travelers need something specific on their luggage to quickly recognize it. This leather tag will give him just that with a touch of class.

For Your Friends

Still need to shop for guy friends? Try a zig zag corkscrew ($48) for the wine lovers in your life. It’s easy to use and has an awesome design. If you have a comic book fan on your list, check out the Batman symbol branding lighter ($30). This little brand can snap onto any run of the mill lighter and when heated lets you brand the Batman symbol into wood. This gift is probably better suited for guys without kids since it involves a lot of heat and fire. 

Last Updated: March 29, 2016