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How to Appraise Guns Online

If you’re a gun enthusiast, you’ll be happy to know that you no longer need a physical book to appraise guns. Now, all of this information is available to you online through various websites. If you’ve always wished this process was easier, here is a guide on how to appraise guns online using two websites: Guns International and Blue Book of Gun Values.

Guns International
The Guns International website provides free appraisals online. The process is simple. The website has a quick search option where you can use keywords to search for guns. Simply input the information you know about your firearm and press “Go.” From there, the website will pull up all the data it has regarding guns that fit your search parameters. 

If needed, a more advanced option to search for firearms is available. While you still input keywords, you can also narrow down listings using a variety of options, such as area code, state, country, category, price low and high, manufacturer, gauge, caliber, and GI number. 

You can sell guns as well as appraise them on Guns International, so many of the rifles are available for purchase. Most of the listings will include the seller, company, how long he or she has been a member, a first and last name, and the state where he or she is located. Listings will also generally include contact information. Finally, the seller will usually include the types of payments accepted and a return policy. Of course, the make, model, and caliber of the gun are provided.

Scrolling down on the website will provide such information as the suggested retail price and features. From there, you can determine if the gun is worth the suggested price or if it is worth more or less. Guns International is careful not to let just anyone sell on its website. Sellers must be verified before they are allowed to sell firearms on the website.

Blue Book of Gun Values
Blue Book is similar to Kelly Blue Book, the famous car appraisal website. Like Guns International, the site is simple. However, it differs in one slight way. Not only can you search for firearm values, you can also search for the values of airguns and black powder. 

The biggest difference between the two is that Blue Book of Gun Values costs $29.95 for a yearly subscription, or you can pay per gun. With the yearly subscription, you can search unlimited firearms. You can also purchase a two-year subscription for $54.95 or three years for $74.95.

Why pay when you can get information for free on Guns International? Well, Blue Book of Gun Values provides you with more information regarding your firearm. It has a grading system similar to Kelly Blue Book. You can find out if your gun is worth keeping or selling based on trends tracked over time. 

This website also allows you to view the complete manufacturer and model information available for the firearm. It’s also possible to search guns by serial number and receive a complete history of the weapon. Finally, you can create your own personal inventory using Blue Book of Gun Values. So, as you can see, you get a lot more features through this website.

Both websites are great resources, though Blue Book of Gun Values seems to be aimed at the professional firearms connoisseur. Those who simply want to appraise a gun occasionally or are just looking for a hobby should go to Guns International. It will provide all of the informational necessary to purchase and appraise guns.

Last Updated: December 12, 2018