A man trying to be productive in his home office as his wife asks him a question

How to Be Productive in Your Home Office

Setting up a home office and working in a space in which you are comfortable can be one of the most rewarding and productive experiences you can have. Yet, it is easy to become distracted and not focus on work since you are still in the comfort of your own home. There are some steps you can take to ensure that the hours spent in your home office do not go to waste.

Set Some Rules

Consider your office a separate entity from the rest of your house. Limit the number of distractions, and if it helps, block social networking sites from your desk computer. This way, you will not even have the option of wasting time on Facebook or Tumblr. Other family members can also be distracting in your home office, so communicate with each of them and set some ground rules during the hours that you are working.

Keep Clients in Mind

If you are going to have clients meeting you at your office, be sure they can make their way to the office without having to walk through the personal areas of your house. If there are a couple rooms in your house that you’re deciding between for your office, pick the one closest to an exterior door. This will keep your meetings professional and constructive and will help sustain your family’s privacy.

Buy the Right Furniture

Create a comfortable environment that you actually want to work in. One of the biggest benefits of working at home is that you have the luxury of customizing your office to fit your preferences. Yet, you do not want to make it too relaxed, otherwise you will not feel like you’re at work. Buy yourself a large desk, so you have plenty of space to lay out all of your work or to have room for extra equipment, such as a second monitor. Especially if you are brainstorming or working with visual concepts, having a vast workspace can do wonders for your creativity.

Sit Back Properly

Pick the right chair. A quality, comfortable chair can help you concentrate on your work instead of possible back pain that you may experience with a cheaper alternative. Choose one with plenty of lumbar support and adjustable height. If you are looking for chair alternatives, try sitting on an exercise ball. These help with posture and subtly work out some muscle groups, so they’ll keep you comfortable and healthy.

Let There Be Light

Another way you can increase productivity is through natural lighting. Sunlight has been shown to increase both efficiency and overall health. So, throw open the curtains during your work hours and allow the natural light to flood in. If you are working at night or do not have windows, lamps are a great alternative to harsh, overhead lighting.

Last Updated: July 09, 2015