A cup of coffee made from a home coffee bar

How to Create A Home Coffee Bar

There is no better time of year to create a home coffee bar than in the fall. Setting one up requires relatively little investment and even less coffee-expertise. Anyone that loves the idea of waking up to their very own individualized-beverage bar, or that can envision how lovely their afternoons will be while enjoying a special hot or cold beverage from home is a perfect candidate for this simple, enjoyable DIY home project.

How to Create A Home Coffee Bar

The beauty of a home coffee bar is that it can incorporate all of the drinks that family and guests love, as well as traditional coffee. Items needed to create a home coffee bar include:

  • Counter space, or stand-alone cabinet
  • Coffee machine, espresso equipment, or fun gadgets and accessories
  • Items like good coffee, flavored syrups, baked goods, teas and hot coco's, sugar, or sprinkles
  • Coffee mugs, stirrers, spoons
  • Non-dairy items or refrigerated items like milk, whipped topping, and finishing syrups

Coffee, much like partaking in wine, is all about what an individual likes. In the case of coffee, the simpler, the better. A large list of drinks can be made from a small list of ingredients. A simple coffee-brewer system works fine in lieu of more expensive espresso brewing machinery too.

Coffee Bar Placement

A home coffee bar should be placed both conveniently and out of the way. If the coffee bar will be a part of the kitchen or dining area, counter or island space can be allocated to setting up an area exclusively for coffee service. For stand-alone coffee stations, placement will work best in a common area such as kitchen, dining, or living spaces in order to accommodate family and guests.

Home Coffee Bar Design

Coffee bar design should be an enhancement and reflection of the home it will serve. Regardless of style, bringing together a cohesive, functioning coffee station can be done by organizing supplies on hand and then updating the station from time to time with storage canisters and even a small bakery display for goodies.

The purpose of a home coffee bar is to bring ambiance to a home, add a layer of convenience and sophistication, and to be able to enjoy delicious, gourmet coffee and specialty drinks, all while saving the time and expense of purchasing them outside of the home. Enjoying coffee is a feel-good part of the daily routine and being able to turn a small nook within the home into a functional, pleasing coffee bar design will not only serve a good purpose, it will add to a warm home atmosphere for both homeowners and their guests.

Last Updated: September 11, 2014