Drinks being made in a small bar space

How to Make a Home Bar in a Small Space

For most homeowners, the addition of a bar helps create a more relaxed and enjoyable living space. It's a perfect solution for small gatherings, and it offers an option for those couples and families who might prefer to stay at home and entertain. When space is an issue, there are a number of techniques that will help create a home bar that makes an efficient use of space, and appears much larger than it actually is.

Use The Space Wisely

Many homeowners will attempt to build physical bars that are simply too large for the allotted space. The result is cramped quarters and a bar that fails to provide any comfort to its guests. Don't be greedy with your space. Make certain your design allows people to move freely and with little effort.

What's Behind the Bar

Unless you've decided to purchase a pre-built bar, chances are you're building a unit from scratch. DIY enthusiasts will often focus on the exterior of the bar rather than the configuration behind the unit itself. When space is tight, taking advantage of storage under the bar is an absolute must. This is also the perfect space for refrigeration and utilities such as small bar sinks.

Reflective Surfaces

Using mirrors behind the bar will give the illusion of space and depth. While bar mirrors with logos or etched designs are popular, they will only serve to clutter the space.

Light Colors

Keeping the paint colors light and neutral will make your home bar seem larger. It will also eliminate the shadows in corners that ultimately make any space look dark and closed in. If wallpaper is part of the home bar design scheme, stick with simple patterns, as complicated and repetitive patterns will make the space appear cluttered.

Bar Lighting

Light makes any space look and feel larger. In a small bar space, avoid hanging fixtures and bulky lamps that take up to much room. Recessed ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and LED lighting will all create a comfortable bar space.

Additional Storage

Once you've optimized the space underneath the bar, it might be necessary to add additional storage options. While shelving on the back wall is the traditional answer, it can become restrictive in a confined area. When shelving is necessary, reduce the shelf depth to conserve space.

Bar Top And Accents

A small bar should never be stained, painted, or covered with dark materials. Light colored stains for wooden bar tops are always preferred, and tile is a good choice as long as the tiles are not too small or dark. Too many grout lines will also make a small surface appear even smaller.

When building a small home bar, it's critical to be innovative in your approach. Look for accessories that make the most of your space. From the size of your bar glasses to the fabric or color of your bar stools, every little detail should be considered.