a rent house bathroom looks completely remodeled without any major renovation

How To Remodel Your Bathroom When You Rent

When you rent a house, you usually don’t have permission to do major renovations. But what if you hate the bathroom? You can’t knock out a wall or install a new shower, yet there are things you can do to makeover your bathroom without making your landlord angry.

Good Fabric

Shower curtains are the simplest and cheapest way to make your bathroom your own. Even if the shower has a door instead of a curtain, you can still put a curtain up to cover the doors. Go for something made of fabric in lieu of plastic to give your bathroom a more homey and lush feel. Pick out a pattern that showcases your personality and adds life to the room.

Tickle Your Senses

It may not seem like it, but luxury definitely has its place in the bathroom. Why bother with scratchy towels and thin threadbare rugs? Splurge a little and buy a cushy memory foam bathmat and a few good quality fluffy towels. Instead of keeping your towels in a closet, display them in baskets in your bathroom to give the atmosphere a little touch of luxury.

Pay Attention To Detail

Sometimes it's the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. Replacing the knobs and pulls in your bathroom can completely update the look and feel of the entire area. Splurging on fancy shower curtain rings or adding a beautiful sink curtain can really change the appearance of your bathroom.

Change What You Can

Most likely, you can get away with replacing the showerhead, toilet seat, or light fixtures. Some landlords will even let you paint if you agree to repaint the walls to their original color. If you’re unsure, it won’t hurt to ask. Your landlord may also agree to other temporary changes, such as stick-and-place tile or removable wallpaper.

Don’t Forget About Ambience

Even if you can’t change anything about your bathroom, you can always change the atmosphere surrounding it. A few decorative touches like a vase of fresh flowers or relaxing scented candles can really change the mood of a room. Sometimes all it takes is replacing the old light bulbs with softer white bulbs to create a more peaceful lighting concept. Small changes can really add up and make your rent house bathroom a better place.