A homeowners smiles when hearing the home automation system has increased the market value of her house.

Increase Market Value with Home Automation

When considering the possibility of selling your home or merely increasing the value of it in the hopes that it may serve some future purpose, utilizing home automation can do wonders for the overall market value of a person’s home. The following is a brief look at home automation, how much it can increase market value and which systems help the most when attempting to do so.

How Home Automation Increases Market Value

Home automation is largely based on the act of ensuring that the appliances and systems within your home can be fully automated and controlled at the click of a button. This adds innovative technology that is not found in many houses. As such, it can also add market value to your home, the amount of which depends entirely on what type of automated system you put in your house.

With home automation, homeowners can control pretty much every facet of their house, such as lighting, security cameras, music, TV sets, and even the heating and cooling. It's recommended that you utilize separate controls for each system, as it will make things easier to remember for anyone looking to buy your home. It's important to understand that such convenience is heavily appealing in the modern world, as most people have increasingly busy lives. Potential homeowners are increasingly looking for a sense of safety, security and energy efficiency, which home automation systems offer in spades.

Which Systems Increase Market Value the Most?

The greatest aspect of incorporating a home automation system into your house is that it will not only help you sell your home quickly, but it will also increase the overall market value. In fact, that these systems can increase the value by a substantial 3-7 percent, sometimes even more. As such, a formerly $500,000 home would now sell for an average of $525,000. When looking to add specific automation systems, the ones that can add the most value include whole house lighting control, automated door locks, temperature control that works from a phone, and security cameras, as well as home alarm systems.

Your home will become much more appealing to anyone looking to purchase it through the usage of home automation. While it may not even seem like a big deal to you, home automation adds a level of convenience and increased safety measures for a house, especially when on vacation or simply out of town. Moreover, potential buyers will see that it can save a good deal of money on monthly utility bills, making your home automation setup all the more attractive. Potential buyers often find lighting systems and security systems to be the most appealing options when looking at a home.

Last Updated: September 04, 2014