A woman adjusts her home automation system to keep her home safe.

Is Home Automation Safe?

Home automation makes it possible for homeowners to control any device within the home that is connected to a remote-controlled network. Home automation works through mobile applications and can control devices such as sprinkler systems, lights, thermostats, electrical outlets, and appliances.

How does it protect your home?

Home automation adds a sense of safety for a homeowner that is not at home. With home automation, you can switch appliances and lights off with just the touch of a finger on a mobile app. If you forget to turn off the oven you don’t have to run home to turn it off before a fire starts. You simply pull out your smartphone and use the home automation application.

Home automation also gives you the ability to secure your home if you forget to lock your door as you head to work, go run errands, etc. You can also double check that your home is locked up properly when you have people, such as teenage children, coming in and out constantly. This level of mastery over your home creates a feeling of security that is hard to come by.

Whether you leave in a hurry and forget to lock your door, or wish to turn a light on in your home at night to give it the look of being occupied when you are away on a trip, you have the option of doing so from wherever you are. Both of these scenarios provide the ability to control home safety while you are away.

Home automation also gives you a sense of security by being aware of what is happening within your home with the optional use of security cameras. Since you cannot always be in your home, but always want to ensure it is secured, home security cameras with the use of home automation give you that opportunity.

Can your home be hacked?

A common misconception with home automation systems is that the systems are not secure and put your home at risk of being targeted by hackers, but this is not true. Home automation systems are secured with the use of signal redundancies and encryption, which make it resilient to such scenarios. It is very difficult for a home automation system to be compromised by an outsider.

Home automation is not only a convenient feature, but it is also a safety net. With the ability to lock your door, turn lights on or off, turn off the oven, and control any other items that are on a remote controlled circuit in your home, there is no reason not to invest in the security and convenience of home automation.

Last Updated: September 04, 2014