Online Storage

With physical storage on a computer or device, running out of space is almost a guarantee. Once that happens, you either forced to buy additional storage or spend countless hours figuring out what you don’t absolutely need, only to accidentally delete something that you really needed. Online storage ensures you have enough space for everything you need. And even if you choose a limited storage plan, you can always opt to add additional space afterward. Store videos, photos, software and files online, and get easy access to all your digital content. There are no discs, drives or cables to worry about.

Online, you’ll find numerous cloud storage options. Most of the major online presences offer online storage that is reliable and secure. Choose from different storage options based on your individual or company needs and share files from anywhere and with anyone. If you are looking for the perfect online storage options for your needs, read on to learn more.

Google Cloud is one storage option designed for companies of all sizes. It allows you to store any amount of data that you can easily retrieve at any time. Google cloud offers many useful features to tailor your cloud to your company’s storage needs. With Object Lifecycle Management, you can configure your data to automatically switch to lower-cost storage classes when it meets your specified criteria. Standard storage allows for “hot” data, while archive storage allows for long-term storage. Optimize storage for split-second response time, create disaster recovery plans and customize data location. Data can be easily transferred too. Try it out for free today.

Microsoft OneDrive allows for personal cloud storage based on personal needs. Use your online storage cloud to save files and photos and access them from anywhere and any device. Save backups of your files and keep them safe. Lose one device to damage or loss and you’ll still have access from a new device. OneDrive also allows you to share your files with friends and family, allowing them to view the files or edit them in a collaborative way. Eliminate the need for thumb drives and email attachments. With document scanning, you can upload documents scanned by your phone. A free plan gives you 5GB of storage, while a 100GB standalone storage plan is available at $1.99 per month. If you are interested in Microsoft’s Office suite and 1TB of storage, you can get all that in a $69.99 annual plan. For $99.99 per year, you can get Office and 6TB of space in a family plan.

If you are looking for something where collaboration and file-sharing will be your main focus in terms of storage, you may want to check out Dropbox. Dropbox is available for work use and personal use. Store documents securely, manage data access and work collaboratively on projects. Do the same for personal files and share them only with family and friends. For $12.50, you can get a three-user plan that provides 5TB of storage and simple team-management tools. A professional plan offers 3TB of secure storage and premium features for one user. The lowest-cost plan designed for personal use, available for $9.99, offers 2TB of storage for one user. You can also try out Dropbox for free. Check out these options online now!