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Plated Review: A Meal Kit with Plenty of Variety


Plated is a bit more expensive than some other services, but there’s a reason for that. The ingredients are of higher quality than other meal kits, but we'll get into that later.

The meal plans range from $9.95 to $11.95 per serving depending on how many servings you need. You can choose between two, three, or four servings. The more you get, the cheaper the plan becomes. Additionally, you can decide how many nights per week you want from Plated. 

Plated also has regularly first-time subscription discounts. You can see more on pricing here.



Plated focuses on finding fresh, high-quality ingredients for every recipe. When looking through your meat and veggies, you'll feel as though you’re eating foods that are good for you. The vegetables are organic when possible, and the meat is raised without antibiotics and added hormones.



We think a highlight of Plated is the huge variety of recipes. Each week, there will be 20 new recipes to pick from, including dessert. The recipes range in difficulty, so you can choose what you think is best for your skill level. As you browse, each recipe will have a “cooking skill” rating.

To make everything easier, there are also categories for different types of food as you're creating your weekly menu. At the top of the menu screen, you can see a list that will help narrow down what you need, including family-friendly, popular, low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free, spicy, and more.

You can check out the recipes here.



If you’re wondering what really sets Plated apart from other meal kits, it’s the dessert options. You have the choice of two desserts every week. The sweets come with nearly everything you need save for oil and eggs. It even comes with parchment paper if you need to use it for your recipe!



Another thing that really sets Plated apart is the fact that each recipe makes enough food to have leftovers. The meals are heartier than other meal kits, so you’ll end up having a little bit of food the next day for lunch. When we tried other meal kits, we didn’t feel as though it filled our stomach, and we definitely didn’t have enough food for leftovers.  



Since Plated sources it’s food from the freshest places, you’ll run into a lot of seasonal ingredients. Plated prides itself on the fact that it offers items that you won’t be able to find in the grocery store, including artisanal ingredients that were hand-crafted. That being said, you may run into some stuff you're not familiar with.



Going on vacation or want to take a break from the meal kit? Plated lets you do that. You can skip a week as long as you do so before Monday at 8 PM EST. You can also choose bi-weekly shipments if you don’t need a weekly delivery. In addition to skipping, you can select which day you need your food delivery, but don’t worry! Even if you work, your order arrives in a box with plenty of ice packs, so it stays extra cold until you get home.


Beginner Difficulties

The prominent issue with Plated is that brand-new cooks may have a few problems.  For example, during March, Plated may send artichoke, but beginners may not know how to get the stem out of an artichoke. Additionally, you’ll have to understand some common cooking terms. A recipe may call for “minced” garlic rather than “diced.” If you’re brand-new at cooking, you may need to Google words or watch YouTube videos.


Cook Time

For those that are pretty good at cooking, you may find that the quoted cook time is pretty accurate. However, beginners will need a bit more time. Cooking is like any hobby—the more you do it, the better (and quicker) you’ll get! Give yourself an extra 30 minutes when you first start using Plated.



To summarize, here are the pros of picking Plated:

  • Organic food that’s free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Proportioned ingredients, so no measuring needed
  • Seasonal food and artisanal ingredients
  • Flexibility with orders
  • Large portions for leftovers
  • Two dessert options per week


Plated isn’t perfect. Here are some of the cons:

  • Higher in price compared to other meal kits
  • Can be difficult for beginners who don’t know common cooking terms
  • Seasonal ingredients may be tough to deal with
  • May take longer than quoted to cook each meal

How to Subscribe

If you’re interested in trying Plated, the website usually has a deal for first-time subscribers. If you want to give Plated a shot, you can subscribe here.