a man measures his bathroom for a remodel

Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

For homeowners who have small bathrooms, remodeling may pose a challenge when the goal is to create what feels like a larger space. Aside from physical renovations that will increase the square footage, there are design considerations that will make an existing space seem larger than it actually is. The following tips will make your small bathroom remodel a successful project.


Lighting choices will have a dramatic effect on your bathroom remodel. Whenever possible, homeowners should take advantage of natural light. For existing windows, choosing window coverings that offer privacy without sacrificing too much light are preferred. When it's possible to add them to the physical space, skylights are the perfect solution, providing a much more natural light than traditional windows.

When selecting lighting fixtures, replacing bulky hanging fixtures with recessed lighting will help open up the space and create a more functional space by eliminating unnecessary obstacles that are often an issue in small bathrooms.


When it comes to paint, light colors and monochromatic palettes will help to make small bathrooms appear much larger. Dark colors will "swallow" a small space, and complicated or busy wallpaper will make any room seem cluttered and confining.


Tile, whether for countertops, walls, or flooring, should also be lightly colored. Homeowners should avoid smaller tile sizes that will result in an excessive number of joints, which create the illusion of a confined space. Lightly colored tile and paint choices will also help to reflect light, which creates a strong sense of space.

When selecting wall cabinets, vanities, toilets, and tubs, homeowners should carefully consider the standard sizes that are available. A typical vanity with a depth of 21 inches can be replaced with a unit that measures as little as 13 inches deep. Measurements will also vary for toilets and tubs, but homeowners should be careful not to sacrifice the comfort and functionality of an important fixture for the sake of a few inches.

Bathtubs and Showers

When thinking about the tub and shower, families should consider replacing their traditional shower curtain with a glass shower door. You can witness the effectiveness of this change by simply opening your shower curtain and taking notice of how much larger the bathroom suddenly appears to be.


Saying goodbye to clutter is a fundamental part of making a smaller bathroom seem larger. Recessed shelving, well-designed vanities, and freestanding furniture designed specifically for bathroom storage will go a long way in concealing all of the clutter that makes your bathroom look smaller.

When remodeling a small bathroom, it's important to consider every fixture and design element that goes into the remodel. From recessed medicine cabinets to flush mounted sinks, every detail matters when trying to make a small space seem larger.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015