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Shopping for Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan may not seem like the most monumental purchase, but there are a surprising number of things to consider when preparing to buy a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can bring your room together during a room remodel, depending on the brand, style, and design you choose. Whether it be a new addition to your room or a replacement, there are quite a few variables to consider before heading out to the store. Use the following questions and shop around online before settling on your final choice.

What is the reason that you're buying a ceiling fan?

Why have you decided your room needs a ceiling fan? Is it for functionality? Or purely because it would bring the room together? Are you more concerned about the lighting fixture than the fan? The requirements for your ceiling fan will vary depending on if you plan on using it very often or not. Will you only be using it during the summer? Will you need to use it year round? Choose your focus: style or functionality. 

What is your budget?

Your budget will help determine where you want to focus your shopping efforts. If you are looking for cheap or affordable ceiling fans, focus on large, local stores or look for discounts online. 

What size is your room?

Larger rooms will need larger fans. Keep the size of the rooom in mind when shopping for a fan, and if needed, disregard the smaller fans to ensure that your larger rooms will be ventilated. 

Do you need a lighting fixture?

Depending on the layout or brightness of your room, you may want to attach a lighting fixture to your ceiling fan. If your room currently feels dark, or is a larger room that requires more lights to fill, you may want to look into a more high-powered light for your ceiling fan. 

What style would best fit your room?

Of course, it is important to choose a ceiling fan that would complement the current design of your room. There are countless styles to choose from, and after picking the important qualities such as motor quality and your budget, your choices should be narrowed down enough to make this task less overwhelming. 

What style of ceiling fan blades will you need?

Besides just how the fan looks or what it is made out of, you also have to decide what type of blades to choose from. Will you have four or five blades? How will they be angled? And which will be optimal for your room? Do some research before hand, such as the size of the room that the fan will be installed into, and talk with a salesperson about what styles will be most appropriate. 

What type of fan do you feel most comfortable installing?

There are many different types of ceiling fans, some easier to install than others. If you are less concerned with how the fan looks, and more concerned with how difficult it may be to install, ask around to find out which type of ceiling fan you feel is within your skill level. 

Last Updated: November 20, 2020