A decorated artificial christmas tree

Showdown: Artificial Christmas Trees or The Real Deal?

Everybody loves the magical warm glow of a Christmas tree in their living room. It makes you feel so festive and cozy, and it just really brings the feeling of Christmas into your home. However, many people are on the fence as to whether they should buy an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree. Here are some pros and cons of each option to help you decide.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are great and can be reused year after year. If you look around and find the best artificial Christmas trees, you can barely tell the difference between the fake ones and the real ones. However, they are more costly than a real tree as far as upfront prices go, but because you can reuse them, you actually end up saving money in the long run.

These trees may be reusable, but they are a pain to put up every year. Unlike real Christmas trees, artificial trees have to be assembled branch-by-branch, or at least fluffed branch by branch every single year. A real tree just pops out on its own, but an artificial tree takes more time and effort to put together. You don’t have to transport it to your own home like a real tree, but it still takes an entire afternoon to assemble, leaving you with very little energy to decorate it.

Artificial trees are also a great option for people with seasonal allergies. Sometimes your real Christmas tree may be part of the reason you get the sniffles every holiday season. An artificial tree prevents you from feeling sick all season while still allowing you to enjoy the festivities.

Real Christmas Trees

These trees are lovely, but are they better than artificial ones? Nothing can beat the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, but does the smell make up for the clean up? A real Christmas tree will shed pine needles all over your house. It also requires quite a lot of upkeep as far as watering goes. If you have pets, you also have to worry about keeping them from drinking the Christmas tree water or else they could get sick.

You can’t reuse a Christmas tree from a lot, so it is less cost-effective than an artificial Christmas tree. There is also the issue of removal. When Christmas is over, you have to haul your Christmas tree out to the curb. If you use an artificial tree, there is not as much clean up involved, but you will have to dissemble and repackage your tree to put it back in storage until the next year.

No matter what kind of Christmas tree you decide to buy, make sure you know what you want so you can choose the best kind for your home. If you have a larger home, a real Christmas tree may be the best option for you. Smaller homes may be happier using an artificial Christmas tree, and since they come in exact sizes you can choose the right size for your home.

Last Updated: November 26, 2014