A man operates his home automation system from his tablet.

Simplify Your Life With Home Automation

Everyone has a busy life these days, but home automation can make the hustle and bustle easier to manage. A homeowner can now press a button, and a movie will start on the television, the shades will close, and the surround sound will come on. When the sun goes down the porch light can automatically turn on. With the use of a smart phone, a person can now remotely turn their security system on and off, close the garage door and make certain their sprinklers turn on at a specified time.

Energy Use

There is a variety of automated home systems that make it possible for people to automatically lower their energy bills. There are a number of different control systems that enable a homeowner to control the lighting in their house with a wireless remote device. With home automation, it is easy to program light levels, set the heating and cooling through pre-set configurations, open or close shades during different times of day, and even set lights go off automatically when rooms are empty. This level of control allows homeowners to manage how much energy their homes use.


Home automation can provide a sense of security when you are traveling, and your house is empty. There will no longer be a need to leave a key outside for a neighbor to come in and feed the pets or bring in the mail. A homeowner can simply get a call from their neighbor and then remotely open the door when he or she enters and lock it when he or she has left. You can set up cameras around your house to monitor anything that is happening inside or outside while away. This level of security control reduces the chances of an unpleasant surprise.

Watching Children

It's always important for a parent to know what children are doing. Home automation can make this easier to accomplish. Cameras can be placed in a nursery to monitor a baby's activities and any other rooms to make certain children don’t get into things that could hurt them. They can be used to monitor the safety of children playing in the yard, as well. There will no longer be a need to go across the house to check on children. With a remote device, a parent can see what is happening with their children at any time.


Home automation provides security systems that will automatically lock doors and windows. The security system will instantly send the homeowner a message if there are any problems, such as an attempted break in. If you forget to close the garage door or set the alarm, all you have to do is hit a button and rest easy.

Last Updated: September 04, 2014