A porch decorated for Halloween

Three Spook-tacular Halloween Porch Ideas

When colder weather begins to approach, it means Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re feeling festive and a bit crafty, your front porch can be a great place to decorate and inspire your family and your neighborhood to join in the haunting holiday spirit.

Mummify Your Front Door

This craft is easy and kids can definitely get involved. The beauty of this craft is that you can do it as high-end or as inexpensively as you prefer. If you are just decorating for a party, go the inexpensive route and use paper streamers from any dollar store. If you want a mummy door for the entire season, go with a more long-lasting material and use white strips of fabric. With your door open, secure strips of fabric or streamer haphazardly across the outside of your door. Use heavy-duty tape to secure the strips onto the interior of the door. Once your door looks mummified enough for you, you can add the eyes. Using paper plates, cut out oval shapes and make pupils with a black marker. Tuck the eyes behind the fabric and secure them with tape. Now your door is all ready for trick-or-treaters or a festive fall party!

Turn Your Porch Into A Crime Scene

All you need to pull this scene together is chalk, caution tape, and washable red paint. Your kids can help with this one as well. Start by tracing their outlines on the front porch with white chalk. They can make their poses as scary or as funny as they like. Then, using the red washable paint, make fake blood splatters around the front porch and around the body outlines. Finish off this look by wrapping the caution tape around your porch railings or pillars, leaving a walkway for any trick-or-treaters who might be stopping by.

Make Your Own Wreath

If you want to decorate without going overboard, you can make your own Halloween wreath. You can buy a pool noodle, roll it into a circle, and make any wreath you like. An easy but festive option is to make a fabric tie wreath with Halloween-inspired ribbons. Simply cut orange, black, and white ribbons of varying widths into varying lengths. Wrap them around the pool noodle and tie them neatly, leaving enough fabric at the end to give it some volume. You can also buy a wreath from any craft store and decorate it to match your theme. Some cute ideas include plastic spiders, plastic mice, or candy.

Last Updated: February 05, 2016