Top 10 Bible Knowledge Websites

There is so much to know about the Bible, and it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. It can also be tough to understand some concepts that may seem contradictory or confusing. To help you study the Bible, we’ve found the top 10 Bible knowledge websites to help you better understand the Word of God.

  1. myWSB
    This website offers several Bible translations, and you can move through book, chapter, and verse with ease. While you’re reading, it also provides lettered annotations to help you better understand each passage. If you need further help, it has a “Word Study Tool.” If you get confused at any point, each tool on the website offers a nifty guide once the tool is opened that explains how to use it. 
  2. All About GOD
    If you’re looking for more than just the direct passages of the Bible, AllAboutGod can help you. It has commentary from leading Bible scholars and even translates the Bible into lesser known languages such as Somali. This website answers pressing questions many people have about God, helping people understand Christianity a little better. 
  3. StudyLight
    StudyLight has been providing quality Bible resources and knowledge to Christians since 2001. The developer of the website has worked with such big names as and On this website, you can study the Bible by reading various articles, browsing commentaries, and referencing dictionaries for each individual translation of the Bible. It also features in-depth encyclopedias to better understand concepts within verses. 
  4. Blue Letter Bible
    Blue Letter Bible is one of the most amazing resources on the internet for Bible study. You can search for verses and words from 20 different translations right on the homepage. The site allows you to read text, listen to audio, or view video commentaries on the Word of God. It also features timelines, topical indexes, maps, and more. 
  5. Lumina
    Lumina allows you to study the Bible next to annotations that will help you further understand each passage. On top of that feature, when you first visit the website, it offers a tutorial that explains everything the website has, including how to use the menu buttons, navigate the website, and more. 
  6. Bible Study Tools
    No matter what translation you prefer, this Bible Study Tools has it. It also features tools on the homepage to help you learn more and grow in knowledge of the Word of God. You can read commentaries, watch videos, or even read articles on the Bible from top scholars in their field. 
  7. Bible Gateway
    Not only can you read the Bible on the website, you can also listen to it on Bible Gateway. This easy-to-use website teaches you the Word of God by allowing you to read scripture, engage in the Bible with practical reading exercises, and read daily devotionals. It also allows you to create custom reading plans to walk you through the Bible, partially or in full, at your own pace. Plus, you can use this website on the go with its mobile app. 
  8. BibleHub
    BibleHub has countless tools that can help you fully understand the Bible. It features an encyclopedia, a dictionary, sermons, devotions, and more. It also provides atlases or maps for reference as you progress through a story. This website also offers its own reading plans if your goal is to complete the Bible by a certain date. The most unique feature is that it offers both Greek and Hebrew translations of the Bible for readers.
  9. Biblia
    If you are looking to study the straight Word of the Bible, look no further. Biblia’s goal is to provide the text to anyone who is looking for it. The website allows you to choose your own language from English, French, German, Spanish, or Portuguese. The website also has forums where you can talk to others about verses or things you’ve learned.
  10. Christian Bible Reference Site
    This website is an excellent place for children and adults to learn about the Bible in a fun environment. It has stories for children, including popular ones such as Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, and the Birth of Jesus. There are also fun games, such as crossword puzzles and word searches, for anyone to play. The site answers several questions you may have about the Bible in its “Bible FAQ” section.