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Top 10 Tattoo Design Sites

Now more than ever, tattoos are becoming part of our culture. Since they’re so popular, finding a unique design that is meaningful to you can be a challenge. You might need a little help creating something you will enjoy for the rest of your life. To assist you, here are the top 10 tattoo design sites on the internet.

  1. Tattoo Design
    Creating your own tattoo has never been easier. On Tattoo Design you can design your own work of art with its easy program. You can choose from over 10,000 pictures to combine, color, and otherwise customize. The website even has a tutorial video that teaches you how to use the tattoo maker before you begin designing your tattoo. 
  2. Tattoo Trends
    This beautiful website is the top source for finding what is most popular in tattoo design. It will show you photos of current trends as well as unique designs. Tattoo Trends is also handy for learning what certain tats mean. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ll find plenty on Tattoo Trends. 
  3. is the number one place for people who love body art. It features exclusive interviews from people who love tattoos, such as Chester Bennington. On top of getting ideas for tattoos, you can find advice, opinions, and news. No matter what kind of tattoo you’re looking for, you can find ideas on this website. You can view “Tattoo Pics” or "Trending" topics. 
  4. Tattoodo
    Tattoodo proclaims itself the world’s leading tattoo site, and there’s a reason for it. Here, you’ll find a unique feature: you can have actual artists create designs just for you. To provide you with a custom design, the site creates contests where people post their designs to win money you’ve offered as a prize. The prizes start at a mere $100, so you may even get a design cheaper than you would at a tattoo shop. 
  5. Tattoo Johnny
    Tattoo Johnny features some of the most beautiful designs on the internet. Its gallery has more than 100,000 images and stencils. If this website doesn’t spur your creativity, nothing will! There are countless categories—from animals to horror—and tattoos just for men or women. 
  6. Custom Tattoo Design
    This Canadian website is one of the best places to get a custom-designed tattoo of your own that literally no one else will see—that is, not without your permission. Here, you can have an actual tattoo artist draw you something just for you. Quotes are free, and the pricing is pretty reasonable. Whether you want something small or an extra-large tattoo, you can find it at Custom Tattoo Design.
  7. Create My Tattoo
    Create My Tattoo also offers contests in which people design tattoos just for you. It’s unique because you get to set the price. You can set it as low as $40 or as high as you can imagine. Some of the highest bids are up to $400. Price depends on the tattoo’s size, how many designs you want, and the quality you desire. 
  8. Chopper Tattoo
    If you’re looking for a place with award-winning designs, look no further. On Chopper Tattoo, you can save money and time by browsing the stencils provided. It also has specific tattoos designed for their particular location on the body. There is a fee for joining, but a lifetime membership is only $29.99. 
  9. Check Out My Ink
    Check Out My Ink is a great place to find thousands of ideas. Here, you can see photos of other people’s real tattoos. If you’re looking for ideas, you can sort tattoos by category, including black ink or color, or you can view the newest uploads. You can even chat with other tat enthusiasts. 
  10. Stray Tats
    Maybe Stray Tats is a wee bit of a cheat, but one thing people question most is “Should I get a tattoo?” If you want one but have doubts, this website will allow you to create temporary tattoos of any design. Create them right on the website, order them, and then wear them for a few months. Try out your tattoos before you get them permanently. 
Last Updated: February 04, 2016