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Top 3 Window Replacement Companies & Deals

Replacing your windows can increase your home's resale value and reduce your carbon footprint, and because new windows are easier to clean than old windows, it can make your house cleaner. Often, new windows are touted as a way of cutting on energy costs, which most people consider misleading because it can take a number of years to recoup the investment. Still, replacement windows will make your home more attractive, less drafty, and quieter. How do you know that your windows need replacement? Well, it's obvious that your windows need replacement if their level of damage is such that repairing them is impossible. Other not-so-obvious reasons for window replacement are: when you have double-paned windows that feel cold to touch from the inside, difficulty opening or shutting the windows, drafts in your home, and high energy bills.

Choosing a window replacement company can be such a challenge for a homeowner, especially if they have never used window replacement services before. Take your time to figure out exactly what you need beforehand and consider a wide range of window types and brands. Don't forget that you aren't just shopping for the windows themselves, but also the installation. Prior to settling for a for a window replacement company, weigh all your options. Look at corporate or franchised operations as well as local companies. Make sure you get five quotes, in the least, before you make the final decision. In this article, we'll look at the top three window replacement companies in the country. These are HomeAdvisor, Renewal by Andersen, and Modernize.

HomeAdvisor is not your typical window replacement company. It's an online service that allows homeowners who are looking for window replacement services to get in touch with qualified contractors in their area. It's an online platform for all types of home-related services, including home improvement, repairs, and local maintenance. It's a marketplace where people in need of these services can access professionals offering them. HomeAdvisor maintains a vast directory of window replacement professionals. Here, you will also find ratings and reviews of local window replacement technicians from previous customers. HomeAdvisor is pretty easy to use; clients can quickly go over the list of available professional window replacement services using ProFinder. The best part about it is that HomeAdvisor is free and very reliable.

A subsidiary of Andersen Corporation, Renewal by Andersen started in 1995 and has been one of the leading providers of window and door replacement services ever since. Renewal by Andersen offers professional installation of customized windows and doors and free consultation for all services. The company has SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and National Fenestration Rating Council certifications. On top of that, all their doors and windows are Green Seal Certified. All their products come with a limited warranty for a worry-free door and window replacement in your home. Hinges and locks come with a ten-year warranty, two-year warranty for professional installation, and a 20-year warranty for Fibrex and glass materials.

Just like HomeAdvisor, Modernize specializes in connecting homeowners with a diverse set of home improvement professionals, including window replacement contractors. If you suspect that your old windows are the cause for the high energy bills in your home, Modernize is the place to look as the company specializes in energy efficient home improvement projects. Replacement window options including triple pane, energy star, thermal, and double pane are all available at Modernize. It's easy to know how much the replacement windows will cost you, just use the company's cost calculator to get a quick estimate. Some available window frame materials you can choose from are Fiberglass, which is the strongest and most recommended, as well as wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Fiberglass is the most popular because it does not bend, warp, crack, or peel easily.

Last Updated: December 28, 2020