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What Not to Expect from Hospitality Management

If you have a major problem at a hotel, the hospitality manager is probably the person you think will solve it. Yet, many people believe these managers are at the beck-and-call of their guests during all hours. Well, news flash--they’re not. Their primary responsibility is to make sure the hotel is running smoothly, which includes communicating with housekeepers, front desk clerks, human resource managers, setting and enforcing standards, and more. Whew. They generally only speak directly to guests if there is a serious personal problem. So, if you ask to speak to the hospitality manager, you’d better have a good reason!

Hospitality management does not have to:

  • Listen to your complaints about how the hotel is designed. They didn’t build it!
  • Lower the price because you feel like its is too expensive. If you have received inadequate service, they’ll work with you, but otherwise, do your research first.
  • Extend the free continental breakfast. Get up earlier!
  • Make the free breakfast taste better. Its free. What else can you really ask for?
  • Force employees to heed your every word. Again with the legitimate problem thing.
  • Make the bathroom towels softer. Is it that hard to bring your own?
  • Change the music. You only have to listen to it for like thirty seconds in the elevator. You’ll probably live.

Hospitality management WILL (if you’re nice about it):

  • Provide you with a different room option (if available) if you have problem with the one you’re in (mold, mildew, strange smell, etc).
  • Settle disputes between you and their employees. (Don’t expect them to always take your side. The customer is NOT always right.)
  • Listen to constructive criticism about food, towels, etc.
  • Work with you on price if you are staying there for an extended period of time (not all hotels will do this).
  • Extend your checkout time.
  • Suggest activities in the area for you and your family.
  • Give coupons or vouchers for shows and performances (especially in places like Branson or Las Vegas).

Keep in mind that hospitality managers aren’t your mother. They also aren’t the first people you should speak with about a problem. Go up the chain of command at the hotel, and if your problem cannot be solved by anyone else, it will reach the manager. They will do their best to make sure you are satisfied (within reasonable limits), so you will one day return. If you forget everything else, just remember that being respectful towards them will work in your favor; after all, if you’re rude to them, why would you expect them to be nice to you?

Last Updated: December 29, 2014