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10 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

1. Tattoos

Matching wedding ring tattoos or name and date tattoos is a popular alternative to the traditional wedding ring. One advantage of this “ring” is that it only costs about $100 per tattoo, so you can save thousands of dollars while still keeping your symbol of commitment on your left hand. A tattoo is also great for those who work in an industry where actual rings could be a hazard, such as construction work. 

(Iamge via rannbran, CC)

2. Necklaces

Even if you don’t like wearing rings, you don’t have to nix the idea of wedding jewelry altogether. Instead, you and your partner can do wedding necklaces. If you still want a ring (in case you decide you want to wear it later in life), you can simply use a wedding ring as a pendant on a gold or silver chain. Or, you can buy a diamond or infinity symbol pendant that represents the love you have for one another. A regular pendant will likely be cheaper than a wedding ring, so it’s a great alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

3. Soundwave Rings

If diamonds are out of your price range or you just want something more personalized, you and your partner should look into soundwave rings. Send in an audio file of whatever message you want on your partner’s ring (“I love you” is very popular) to Soundwave Jewellery, and they will customize a ring for you by engraving into your ring the soundwave of your voice saying the message. At $380 for a stainless steel ring, it’s quite a bargain.

(Image via Soundwave Jewellery)

4. Keepsake Vow Booklets

A wallet-sized booklet that contains handwritten versions of each of your vows is a romantic and inexpensive way to express your love. These are great for those who aren’t fond of jewelry, but still want to carry something symbolic with them. You can either DIY and prettify some cheap mini notebooks, or you can find plenty of adorable booklets on Etsy for you to fill in with your vows. 

(Image via NoteworthyDesignsCo)

5. Wooden Rings

Show off your love for each other and your love for the environment with beautiful wooden rings. Simply Wood Rings creates stunning, customizable rings that are crafted in an eco-friendly fashion, and you can even inset gemstones in your ring if you desire. You can find these rings for as low as $200, so not even your bank account has to take a hit to get these rings on your fingers.

(Image via Simply Wood Rings)

6. Leather Bracelets

Are you and your partner avid adventure seekers? Rings and necklaces aren’t exactly made for that kind of lifestyle, but matching engraved leather bracelets may be more your style. You can get your names and the date of your wedding engraved in them, then you can snap them onto your wrists and be good to go. Just make sure to not expose them to water if they are real leather. 

(Image via Stampedbracelet)

7. Engraved Wallet Cards

These are shortened, more durable versions of the keepsake vow booklets. These cards are the same size as a credit card, and you can engrave any message you want on them. What we love about these is that whenever you have to reach in your wallet (probably several times a day), you’ll be reminded of your loved one when you see their note. 

(Image via CabanyCo)

8. Gemstone Rings

Let’s say you want a pretty ring, but diamonds are too expensive for you and not at all unique. So, one option you have is to choose a gemstone ring instead. One of our personal favorites is a morganite ring set in a rose gold band. Absolutely gorgeous and only a couple hundred dollars. Or, you can choose your birthstone or any other stone that has special significance to you and your partner. 

(Image via nanfan, CC)

9. Watches

This is a popular idea for men who do not want to/cannot wear rings. You may not save any money because quality watches are quite expensive, but you’ll get a lot more use out of it. If you want, you can even engrave the underside of the watch so it will be a simple, daily reminder of you and your partner’s commitment. 

10. Silicone Rings

For all the #swolemates out there, here’s a ring that won’t interfere with your daily workouts. They’re soft and pliable, so they can be safely worn even while participating in highly active exercises. They’re only about $16 apiece so even if you have traditional rings that you wear most of the time, you can still purchase these for when your actual ring could be dangerous to wear.

(Image via SafeRingz)