10 Gifts Your Husband Better Not Buy You for Christmas

If your husband is one of those that likes to surprise you with the “perfect” gift for Christmas, you probably already have anxiety about what he’s going to pick out. Some husbands listen for hints for months, and pick out the most amazing gifts. But most husbands grab something off the shelf then cross their fingers and hope it is sufficient. If he's the latter you might want to share this so he knows there are at least 10 gifts that husbands should never buy (unless you’ve specifically asked for it).

  1. Regular Pots and Pans
    If it’s a new set just like your old set, no thanks. If he splurges on the best cookware that MIGHT be acceptable, if you actually like cooking.
  2. Gym Membership/Exercise Equipment
    This is just not ok. If you haven’t asked for this then it’s basically a confidence ruiner so he better not even think about it. 
  3. Car Accessories
    We don’t care about the newest gadgets for our cars, or jumper cables. We really don’t care about jumper cables. So he better steer clear of anything that involves an automobile, unless he wants to be run over by one.
  4. Power Tools
    This is the worst kind of gift because it’s obviously not even meant for you. Even worse if he claims he wants to use them to make the latest pallet pinterest project you’ve pinned. We all know that’s a task that will never be on the top of his to do list.
  5. Vacuum Cleaner
    It’s sad that the vacuum cleaner even has to be mentioned, but men are still buying this cleaning tool and acting like it’s a well meaning gift.  It’s not. Even if it’s a Dyson. We would rather have $600 cash.
  6. Small Kitchen Appliances
    Just because that immersion blender fits in the stocking doesn’t mean we need or want it. Avoid kitchen and cooking tools altogether.
  7. Washer and Dryer
    Yes, we’ve been nagging about a new washer and dryer for months. No, it’s not a good gift. Anything that involves laundry is not a gift. 
  8. Tickets to a Sporting Event
    Sorry, boys, but you can't disguise tickets to that MMA fight as a romantic date. How about you spend that money on a massage so we can destress after the holidays instead.
  9. Game Console
    Just because the console also doubles as a Blu-ray player, does not mean we will like it. So don’t even consider it.
  10. Socks
    Just because your mom put socks in your stocking growing up, does not mean you should repeat the tradition. We can buy our own socks, no holiday needed.