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10 Wedding Myths That Could Ruin Your Big Day

It's "your" day (aka Bridezilla Syndrome).

While your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to your partner, it’s also a celebration for the people who supported the two of you through every high and low throughout your relationship. So the next time your mother has a suggestion about colors or cake flavors, just remember that time you stained her shirt with your wet mascara tears. 


Planning your wedding will be easy.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but wedding planning is stressful. There are a lot of moving parts to plan and a lot of opinions – from your family and your partner – to consider. You most likely won’t agree with everyone on everything, so be prepared for a little conflict. 


Every detail must be perfect.

Relationships aren’t perfect, and – surprise – neither are weddings. Which is 100% fine, because wedding guests enjoy moments that are real, fun, and relatable. Fixating on every single detail can turn even the most laid back of brides into bridezillas, so focus on what really matters, like your future with your partner.


You should never pick the first of anything.

Dresses are like relationships; when it’s the right one, you’ll know. Just because your mother or your significant other wants you to keep looking for the perfect wedding dress, venue, or vendor, doesn’t mean you should ignore your instincts. You could end up wasting a lot of time shopping and decision-making when your mind’s already made up.


Weddings = $$$

Weddings are expensive. All the more reason to set a budget and stick to it. There are plenty of ways to save money, like setting your wedding date during off-season or choosing to serve just dessert and snacks instead of a full-course meal at your reception.


Wedding planners are too expensive.

Are wedding planners expensive? Yes. But are they too expensive? Depending on your budget, not necessarily. Wedding planners are worth every penny because they take a lot of stress out of wedding planning.

Not only do they plan everything for you down to the smallest detail; wedding planners also have a lot of connections in the wedding world, so they can probably get you all the best deals on things like catering and DJs for your big day.


DIY will save you money.

It may seem like DIY weddings are the way to go, but materials and and supplies add up and the time it takes to make invitations and place cards is just ridiculous. Wedding planning is stressful enough already; why add to the stress by committing yourself to doing more than you need to? There are professional wedding planners and caterers for a reason.


You have to stick to traditions.

Do you really need something borrowed or something blue? What’s the worst that can happen if your groom sees your dress before the wedding? Wedding traditions can add a classic touch to a wedding, but definitely don’t stress about things that don’t really matter.

You wanna wear a pink wedding dress? Go for it.


Your guests need to have assigned seats.

First of all, the whole thing about guests who know the bride sitting on the left and guests who know the groom sitting on the right is outdated – and for good reason. Imagine if more people show up for the bride, and the groom’s side looks empty during the ceremony in comparison. Embarassing, right?

Your guests should be there for both of you, so make sure everything is even. And at the reception, you don’t have to assign seats. If you’re a control freak and it makes you happy, go for it. Just know that you don’t have to. 


You will feel nothing but pure bliss.

You know all those perfect, fairytale weddings you’ve seen in movies as far back as you can remember? Yeah, your wedding won’t be anything like that. Nor is anyone’s wedding like that. At all.

As previously stated, wedding planning is stressful. You’re bound to feel anxious, nervous, excited, and overwhelmed, all at once. There’s no one way you “should” feel when you’re getting married; everyone is different, so allow yourself to be human and feel those emotions. And remember to breathe.