A little girl telling her brother a secret

11 Reasons Every Girl Should Have a Brother

If you’re a girl with a brother I’m sure you know that you have a permanent ally. In the face of all opposition (parents, pressure, rude jerks, rumors, danger, lions, tigers, bears, whatever) a good brother will be there to support you in one way or another. In case you need to be reminded, here are 11 reasons every girl should have a brother:

  1. He can toughen you up.
    It’s a brother’s duty to fight his sister as a child and make sure she’s tough. You might think they’re just picking on you for kicks, but it’s actually to see firsthand how well you can defend yourself. Okay, so it’s probably a little of both. But a good brother needs to be sure you can protect yourself, and how can he do that without trying to beat you up?
  2. You’ll always have someone to help you move.
    With a brother around, you’ve got an extra pair of hands to help you move your ridiculous amount of stuff out of your old place and into your new one. If he’s got a truck, even better.
  3. He can give you insight into men’s brains.
    If you have a brother, observe and take notes. Living that close to a man makes you like Jane Goodall living amongst the wild chimpanzees. Take your research seriously and you can easily learn first hand how weird (and sometimes mean) guys can be.
  4. He’ll protect you from jerks.
    Some guy bothering you? If your brother’s around, let him know what’s up, and he’ll gladly stand between you two, giving the guy a death stare for the ages (or worse).
  5. He’d kill for you.
    Don’t make him do it. Just know he will.
  6. You’re like family within family.
    When the rest of the family is driving you up the wall, the one person you can count on to be in your corner is your brother. At family gatherings, the two of you can just sit back and observe the madness.
  7. You get to see what you’d look like as a boy.
    What a difference one chromosome makes. You sure dodged a bullet on that one, didn’t you?
  8. He can keep you grounded.
    If you get too full of yourself, your brother will gladly burst your bubble. And throw some extra insults in there just for good measure.
  9. You can keep him grounded and proper.
    You can keep his ego in check too. You can also do your best to make sure he’s a good man and that he respects women. But, with a sister, odds are he already does.
  10. You’ll almost never have an irreconcilable difference.
    Barring some crazy extreme circumstances, a brother and sister will always be friends. You can say some of the most horrible, hurtful things to one another and you’ll probably be chums again by dinnertime.
  11. He’ll guard your reputation.
    Family members don’t let anyone else talk bad about family members. That’s their job! A brother knows this better than anyone and if he hears someone trash talking his sister, there will be hell to pay. Hell. To. Pay.
Last Updated: July 31, 2015