30 Upcoming Wedding Trends That Are Changing Everything

30 Upcoming Wedding Trends That Are Changing Everything. Funny enough, trends tend to change everything. Think about fashion. Anything that walks down the runway will eventually trickle down to the rest of us. If there’s a lot of red on the runway, you can bet that department stores will order red garments. You’ll then see tons of red all over the place. Of course, seasons have a lot to do with it, but trends influence almost everything. And wedding trends are no different! Thanks to social media, we get to see everyone's weddings. Someone sees something they think is unique on Pinterest or Facebook and they decide to do it for their wedding—and then the next thing you know, everyone's having their wedding in a barn and hanging string lights. Of course, wedding magazines also have a significant effect on wedding trends.

This year is a special year because wedding trends are more apparent than ever. Instead of ditching the old without adding anything, we’re seeing a lot of new stuff added to make someone’s wedding memorable or unique. Then again, some of these trends are designed to add a little bit of personality to the event — something we’re 100% on board with. It’s all about self-expression on your big day, right? Well, this year, these are some of the biggest wedding trends that are literally changing everything. If you’ve been seeing a lot of capes or top hats, it’s because it’s totally “in” when two people are tying the knot. What do you think about what’s popular this year?

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